Claudiob's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
12,4842,158record_tag_helperActionView Record Tag Helpers
22,9713,180ytYoutube V3 API client.
34,5153,410netRetrieves information for Twitter users
45,3297,533bhBh - Bootstrap Helpers
56,0985,128yt-supportYt::Support provides common functionality to Yt, Yt::Auth. It is considered suitabl...
616,9137,721squidSquid expands Prawn providing method to easily draw graphs in PDF files.
719,59036,480funkyFunky is a Ruby library to fetch data about videos posted on Facebook, such as their ti...
820,50611,720yt-authYt::Auth makes it easy to authenticate users to any web application by means of the...
921,11512,098yt-coreYoutube V3 API client.
1022,26111,907rspec-api-matchersRSpec matchers useful to test web APIs.
1123,19822,697csswaxerCSS Waxer refactors CSS files bringing the focus on properties, rather than on selector...
1225,90112,502yt-urlURL Extension for the Yt library.
1326,94612,502rspec-apiWhen you write a web API, you make a promise to the world. RSpec API helps you keep y...
1429,53267,324yt-auditA Ruby library you can audit titles or annotations of a Youtube video
1533,71867,324yt-annotationsA Ruby library to retrieve every type of annotation from any YouTube video, includi...
1635,46312,502rspec-api-expectationsRSpec expectations useful to test web APIs.
1735,86867,324id3_tagsRead and write ID3 metadata from/to MP3 files
1845,66267,324imaginizerCreate an image given a size and optional content
1948,54367,324neverfailsWith neverfails, step definitions do not simply check whether the existing code satifie...
2053,36642,864broWrite a longer description. Optional.
2155,14167,324fb-coreWrite a longer description or delete this line.
2256,72812,502rspec-api-requestsThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
2358,64567,324googolGoogle + Youtube V3 API client.
2461,17128,918starStar provides a File class to write files to S3 as though they were local files, an...
2564,70167,324nicoCampfire Bot
2665,92767,324elegantElegant expands Prawn providing a new class to generate new pages with an elegant layout.
2768,36067,324radiotagmapRadiotagmap reads from the songs that are currently playing in FM radios, then ...
2872,99342,864mime_typeReturns the MIME type of a local file
2973,41432,087autoscaleCurrently provides a Sidekiq middleware that does 0/1 scaling of Heroku processes
3076,53642,864camouflageDisguise an image by applying graphical effects
3176,74567,324tarzanStep-by-step tutorial to modular games in Ruby
3285,90367,324rexyRexy makes shit happen
3386,13167,324fb-authFb::Auth provides methods to obtain an access token to manage pages of a Facebook u...
3486,82552,951css_parser_1.1.0A set of classes for parsing CSS in Ruby.
3587,63552,951claudiob-lastfmA ruby interface for web services version 2.0
3688,35867,324echonestA ruby ribrary for accessing the echonest api
3788,41667,324img-kitUses wkhtmltoimage to create Images using HTML
3889,97367,324yesradioYesRadio makes available as a ruby gem the method exposed by API to retrieve so...
3991,41667,324tmp_fileYields a temporary file with given data and MIME type
4094,88252,951fb-supportFb::Support provides common functionality to Fb, Fb::Auth. It is considered suitabl...
4196,78752,951how_manyRetrieve analytics data for YouTube channels.
42101,76567,324optimalCampfire Bot
43101,78267,324optimizerCampfire Bot
44104,83567,324gpWrite a longer description. Optional.
45106,37052,951actionformAn alternative layer to accepts_nested_attributes_for by using Form Models.
46108,21752,951colorartRenders a nice HTML page from the cover art of a song
47109,00852,951brBootstrap Helpers
48109,78567,324dumb_authProvides two routes (POST login, DELETE logout) and a controller method/helper logged_in?
49110,41167,324unite_parserParse the analytics file from Unite for Adtag
50113,20667,324viWrite a longer description. Optional.
51113,84367,324keithKeith makes shit happen
52113,89167,324shitProvides for your sh*t needs
53114,26967,324kingWho is this king? I am.
54114,69767,324youWrite a longer description. Optional.
55114,87252,951dmDailyMotion + DailyMotion V3 API client.
56116,30267,324hazerEncrypt and decrypt an integer
57116,37167,324hubble_observatoryA client gem for the Hubble API
58117,45152,951aremLike Arel. Without the database. With a remote API.
59117,63367,324rspec_apiAre you looking for rspec-api?
60117,96352,951bonusWrite a longer description. Optional.
61118,38852,951becomesWrite a longer description. Optional.
62118,56167,324vmVimeo API client.
63118,66067,324fullscreenCampfire Bot
64119,22367,324nadiaCampfire Bot
65119,60067,324nanaCampfire Bot
66119,77667,324nicoleCampfire Bot
67120,26767,324yt-dataWrite a longer description. Optional.
68120,26767,324nealCampfire Bot
69120,29967,324yt-analyticsWrite a longer description. Optional.
71120,76767,324nickCampfire Bot
72121,04967,324dwightWrite a longer description. Optional.
73121,07567,324yt-live-streamingWrite a longer description. Optional.
74121,28067,324yt-content-idWrite a longer description. Optional.
75121,58752,951dougWrite a longer description. Optional.
76121,61367,324neilCampfire Bot
77122,00452,951diesisWrite a longer description. Optional.
78122,12467,324saWrite a longer description. Optional.
79122,54367,324trWrite a longer description. Optional.
80122,74267,324teWrite a longer description. Optional.
81122,80467,324twiWrite a longer description. Optional.
82122,92267,324vinWrite a longer description. Optional.
83123,33367,324pizzaWrite a longer description. Optional.
84123,56867,324snapchatWrite a longer description. Optional.
85123,89567,324fkWrite a longer description. Optional.
86123,92667,324facWrite a longer description. Optional.
87124,29667,324tumWrite a longer description. Optional.
88124,58867,324igWrite a longer description. Optional.
89124,97167,324insWrite a longer description. Optional.
90125,37767,324liWrite a longer description. Optional.
91125,60067,324jeremyWrite a longer description. Optional.
92125,66867,324rebootWrite a longer description. Optional.
93125,75567,324tlWrite a longer description. Optional.
94126,71867,324snaWrite a longer description. Optional.
95127,37567,324snWrite a longer description. Optional.
96127,49267,324strokeWrite a longer description. Optional.
97127,83852,951clamPrawn evolved
98127,95867,324pnWrite a longer description. Optional.
99129,29767,324rspec-api-documentationGenerate API docs from your test suite
100129,37167,324intimalWrite a longer description. Optional.
101133,08167,324printablePrawn evolved
102133,71067,324tycoon:tycoon: :tycoon: :tycoon:
103134,32552,951dhh:dhh: :dhh: :dhh:
104135,68352,951fashion:fashion: :fashion: :fashion:
105136,08967,324key:key: :key: :key:
106138,51367,324mvp:mvp: :mvp: :mvp:
107143,25867,324vidWrite a longer description or delete this line.
108146,07467,324iifClone of riif gem with latest updates
109146,89667,324lsLife Storage.
110150,13267,324mdmaSuper Pretty Print