Mrjonesbot's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
112,4117,246decanterDecanter aims to reduce complexity in Rails controllers by creating a place for transfo...
248,72935,509lp-serializableJSON API( serializer wrapper methods that work with Rails and can be used t...
355,50241,159lp_token_authSimple token authentication
475,81376,233strong_armsStrong Parameters alternative for Ruby/Rails applications
581,40835,509consumer_score_najconsumes the consumer-api
687,70435,509chewieA declarative interface for building Elasticsearch queries
7155,328119,826chi_alternative_fuelsList locations where alternative vehicle fuels are available in Chicago.
8157,11036,013es_builderBuild custom Elasticsearch queries with a declarative interface.