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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
12,2866,127awsAWS Ruby Library for interfacing with Amazon Web Services including EC2, S3, SQS, Simpl...
22,4076,195http_connectionHTTP helper library
33,2028,548restRest client wrapper that chooses best installed client.
43,3819,030iron_coreCore library for Iron products
53,94216,650iron_worker_ngNew generation ruby client for IronWorker
64,1866,486rack-flash3Flash hash implementation for Rack apps.
75,02910,148iron_mqRuby client for IronMQ by
85,3806,414mini_fbTiny facebook library. By
95,59325,611concurA concurrency library for Ruby inspired by java.util.concurrency and Go (golang). By ht...
105,77725,611simple_recordActiveRecord like interface for Amazon SimpleDB. Store, query, shard, etc. By http://ww...
116,24625,611uber_configLoads configs from common locations.
126,69425,611iron_workerThe official IronWorker gem for IronWorker by
136,75425,611simple_workerThe official SimpleWorker gem for
148,39225,611goA concurrency library for Ruby inspired by Go (golang).
159,16325,611appoxy_railsAppoxy API Helper gem description...
1610,5149,671iron_cacheRuby client for IronCache by
1710,71716,650appoxy_sessionsAppoxy Sessions gem description...
1813,41825,611quickyRest client wrapper that chooses best installed client.
1914,47825,611appoxy_apiAppoxy API Helper gem description...
2019,70025,611abtAlways Be Testing Yo! A testing framework that runs on IronWorker
2120,23825,611iron_titanThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
2220,55725,611jeweler2Simple and opinionated helper for creating Rubygem projects on GitHub
2324,18625,611ironmqRuby client for IronMQ
2427,19525,611cloud_cacheClient library for Quetzall's CloudCache service.
2529,15025,611local_cacheSimilar to Rails' built in MemoryStore, but adds size limit and expiration.
2629,26225,611delayed_job_ironmqIronMQ backend for delayed_job
2733,75225,611iron_cache_railsRails cache store and session store using IronCache by
2835,72525,611ocmORM for IronCache
2939,45525,611slack_webhooksHelper for slack webhooks!
3045,37025,611simple_deployerAppoxy simple_deployer Gem
3154,95625,611appoxy_uiAppoxy UI gem description...
3255,72425,611openid_authSimple way to add openid to rails apps.
3356,47716,650jsonableMakes your json classes serializable.
3457,28425,611xmpp4r-simple-19Jabber::Simple takes the strong foundation laid by xmpp4r and hides the relatively ...
3560,39125,611big_cacheInfinite size, persistent cache using Amazon S3 for storage.
3662,42325,611simple_performerAppoxy SimplePerformer Client Gem ...
3767,92425,611iron_consumerRuby client for IronWorker by
3877,14325,611djOne dev tool to rule them all.
3983,33925,611rails_push_queuesDescription of RailsPushQueues.
4084,69725,611bumpzBump your gem version file
4195,68325,611fn_rubyRuby gem for Fn Project.
4298,99125,611oauth_providerMakes it easy(er) to make an oauth provider.
43104,20125,611test_gemeroniFIX (describe your package)
44104,90925,611gist_workerA worker that will run a Github Gist on on IronWorker
45108,26525,611dj2One dev tool to rule them all.
46112,63525,611ironRuby client for IronMQ by
47120,56625,611newrelic_platformRuby wrapper around the New Relic HTTP API. Makes it very easy to post component and me...
48127,62025,611worker_rubyRuby gem for IronWorker CE.
49136,81925,611iron_functionsRuby gem for IronFunctions.
50153,20225,611shexecLibrary to help writing shell scripts in Ruby.