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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
17081,465puppetPuppet, an automated configuration management tool
27211,421hieraA pluggable data store for hierarcical data
38631,477puppet-lintChecks your Puppet manifests against the Puppetlabs style guide and alerts you to any...
4939849gettext-setupA gem to ease i18n
51,069885r10kR10K provides a general purpose toolset for deploying Puppet environments and modules. ...
61,9211,676puppet-resource_apiThis library provides a simple way to write new native resources for puppet.
71,9325,148mcollective-clientClient libraries for the Mcollective Application Server
82,4063,564beaker-puppet_install_helperProvides a unified external interface to choosing which version of puppet to install on...
92,9232,182rubocop-i18nRuboCop rules for detecting and autocorrecting undecorated strings for i18n (gettext an...
103,0433,300beaker-puppetFor use for the Beaker acceptance testing tool
113,3353,215puppet_pot_generatorGenerates a pot file from your puppet code
124,5562,616orchestrator_clientSimple Ruby client library for PE Orchestration Services
134,8213,300vanagonVanagon is a tool to build a single package out of a project, which can itself contain ...
144,9354,232packagingPackaging automation written in Rake and Ruby. Easily build native packages for most pl...
157,9375,786beaker-i18n_helperRuby gem to help testing i18n with Beaker
168,9875,104puppetserver-caA simple CLI tool for interacting with Puppet Server's Certificate Authority
1710,94832,171razor-clientThe client for the Razor server
1811,0559,879puppet-lint-i18nWill check the decoration of your puppet code
1914,51140,895puppetclassifyA ruby library to interface with the classifier service
2046,07332,171chlorideA simple streaming NetSSH implementation
2175,40850,970puppet_docker_toolsUtilities for building and publishing the docker images at
22105,23015,121agentless-catalog-executorACE lets you run remote tasks and catalogs using puppet and bolt.
23135,13550,970cfacterFacter gem wrapper
24146,10850,970release-utilsShared utilities for release engineering tasks
25154,97950,970package-signerWhatever it is, we'll sign it.