Janbiedermann's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
110,9768,819isomorfeus-reactWrite React Components in Ruby.
213,8418,093isomorfeus-transportChannels, authetication and various transport options for Isomorfeus.
314,5788,017isomorfeus-dataDevelop apps with powerful reactive data access and queries.
414,6028,076isomorfeus-i18nI18n for Isomorfeus.
514,6918,174isomorfeus-policyAccess policies for Isomorfeus.
614,7488,201isomorfeus-operationWrite operations for Isomorfeus in your natural language.
715,41358,638opal-webpack-loaderBundle assets with webpack, resolve and compile opal ruby files and import them in the ...
816,4008,437isomorfeusCommand line utilities and installer for isomorfeus projects.
916,4778,284isomorfeus-preactWrite Preact Components in Ruby, including styles and reactive data access.
1017,9118,624isomorfeus-mailerWrite mail template components and send mail.
1118,0839,514isomorfeus-reduxUse different stores within Isomorfeus and write reducers for redux.
1218,41458,638hyper-resourceWrite Browser Apps that transparently access server side resources like 'MyModel.first_...
1320,72910,659isomorfeus-puppetmasterAcceptance testing for isomorfeus.
1421,97958,638isomorfeus-asset-managerAsset manager for isomorfeus to compile Opal code and bundle javascript assets.
1522,54112,012isomorfeus-speednodeA fast ExecJS runtime based on nodejs, tuned for Isomorfeus.
1622,75258,638hyper-operationHyperOperations are the swiss army knife of the Hyperloop
1723,03058,638hyperloop-configProvides a single point configuration module for hyperloop gems
1825,44358,638hyper-routerAdds the ability to write and use the react-router in Ruby through Opal
1926,28458,638hyper-reactWrite advanced React components in Ruby.
2026,82558,638hyper-storeFlux Stores and more for Hyperloop
2126,98958,638hyperloopThis gem provide the full hyperloop stack for rails plus generators for Hyperloop elements
2230,36358,638hyper-componentWrite React UI components in pure Ruby.
2331,56558,638hyper-specA Hyperloop application consists of isomorphic React Components, Active Record Models, ...
2433,20815,645isomorfeus-installerCreate new isomorfeus-framework applications with ease.
2533,35458,638hyper-modelHyperModel gives your HyperComponents CRUD access to your ActiveRecord models on the cl...
2639,54558,638hyper-meshHyperMesh gives your HyperReact components CRUD access to your ActiveRecord models on t...
2741,14443,845isomorfeus-ferretIndexed document store and search for Isomorfeus based on ferret.
2845,90858,638opal-zeitwerkA port of the Zeitwerk autoloader to Opal. Zeitwerk implements constant autoloading...
2951,37458,638hyper-visWrite React Components in ruby to show graphics created with Vis.js in the ruby way
3051,84758,638opal-webpack-compile-serverCompile opal ruby from webpack
3153,20158,638isomorfeus-empowermentUsers, Authorization and Authentication for Isomorfeus.
3275,11458,638isomorfeus-iodineiodine build for Isomorfeus, original iodine from Bo: https://github.com/boazsegev/iodine
3381,02258,638hyper-be-rodaWrite Browser Apps that transparently access server side resources like 'MyModel.first_...
3484,26422,231isomorfeus-hamsterKV store and ObjectDB for Isomorfeus.
3585,67358,638hyper-d3Write React Components in ruby to show graphics created with D3.js
3689,75758,638hyper-backend-rodaWrite Browser Apps that transparently access server side resources like 'MyModel.first_...
3794,94858,638opal-autoloaderAutoload modules so its not necessary to "require" everything
38137,58136,352arango-driverRuby driver for ArangoDB's HTTP API
39174,32510,593opal-upHigh performance Rack server for Opal and Ruby