Esity's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,5692,329influxdbThis is the official Ruby library for InfluxDB.
27,1187,829influxdb-railsThis gem instruments your Ruby on Rails application using InfluxDB.
340,69989,890legion-loggingA logging class used by the LegionIO framework
446,26389,890legion-jsonA JSON wrapper module for the LegionIO framework
548,86389,890legionioLegionIO is an extensible framework for running, scheduling and building relationships ...
652,47689,890legion-settingsA gem written to handle LegionIO Settings in a consistent way across extensions
752,85346,889legion-transportThe Gem to connect LegionIO and it's extensions to the transport tier
853,40289,890legion-exceptionsAll of the different Legion Exceptions
961,95046,889lex-nodeThis lex is responsible for sending heartbeats, allowing for dynamic config, cluster se...
1066,95789,890legion-dataA LegionIO gem to connect to a persistent data store
1174,89989,890legion-cryptA gem used by the LegionIO framework for encryption
1276,13746,889legion-cacheA Wrapper class for the LegionIO framework to interface with both Memcached and Redis f...
1383,50889,890lex-healthUsed to read heartbeats and updates the db
1483,92746,889lex-taskerThis LEX keeps track of tasks and their status
1589,92689,890lex-conditionerRuns relationship conditional statements against tasks in a relationship
1694,03989,890telemetry-loggerA generic gem to handle logging for all other telemetry gems
1794,94089,890sleepiqUsed to connect to the SleepIQ Internal API
18101,31089,890lex-transformerRuns transformer statements against tasks in a relationship
19101,67389,890lex-lexUsed by Legion to keep track of which LEXs are installed and available in the cluster
20104,64889,890lex-schedulerSchedules and manages delayed, async and cron style tasks
21105,87789,890lex-httpConnections LegionIO to any HTTP source
22109,41289,890lex-sleepiqUsed to connect Legion to Sleep Number SleepIQ API
23109,49289,890lex-pushoverUsed to connect Legion to Pushover
24115,24989,890lex-piholeConnects Legion to Pihole
25120,03489,890lex-logA LegionIO Extension to log to STDOUT and to files in an async fashion
26120,86989,890lex-memcachedLegionIO Extensions to connect to and manage memcached servers
27129,52146,889telemetry-snmpA gem that grabs data from SNMP sources and sends it to Telemetry::AMQP
28129,88989,890telemetry-amqpA base Telemetry gem for connecting to AMQP services for transport
29130,77189,890telemetry-metrics-parserA metrics line parser gem for things like influxdb line protocol
30144,81189,890lex-redisConnects LegionIO to Redis Servers
31150,81889,890lex-influxdbUsed to connect Legion to influxdb
32155,32789,890legion-data-javaThe Legion connect gem
33155,39389,890legion-transport-javaThe Legion transport gem
34155,70746,889lex-esphomeUsed to connect Legion to Esphome
36168,44089,890legion-extensionsUsed by a LEX to integrate with Legion
37169,49689,890lex-loggerUsed to write logs in an eventful way
38171,65289,890lex-elastic_app_searchConnects Legion to Elastic App Search
41171,95689,890lex-slackConnects Legion to Slack
42171,98146,889lex-pingConnects Legion to Slack