Theforeman's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,8162,262fog-ovirtThis library can be used as a module for `fog`.
23,6872,011fog-libvirtThis library can be used as a module for 'fog' or as standalone libvirt provider.
33,7004,098scoped_searchScoped search makes it easy to search your ActiveRecord-based models. It will crea...
44,67212,308safemodeA library for safe evaluation of Ruby code based on RubyParser and Ruby2Ruby. Provides ...
54,7559,736ldap_fluffSimple library for binding & group querying on top of various LDAP implementations
65,3364,649chef_handler_foremanChef handlers to integrate with foreman
75,54310,623journald-nativesystemd-journal logging native lib wrapper
85,56510,233journald-loggersystemd-journal native logger
96,5966,294runcibleExposing Pulp's juiciest components to the Ruby world.
108,23117,559logging-journaldPlugin for logging gem providing journald appender
118,5414,741hammer_cli_foremanForeman commands for Hammer CLI
129,0447,019hammer_cliHammer cli provides universal extendable CLI interface for ruby apps
139,7194,883foreman_maintainProvides various features that helps keeping the Foreman/Satellite up and running.
1410,3906,013foreman_discoveryMaaS Discovery Plugin engine for Foreman
1510,5495,629foreman_ansibleAnsible integration with Foreman
1611,47711,647foreman_dockerThis version does not provide any functionality and only makes plugin removal easier.
1711,85320,633apipie-dslRuby DSL documentation tool
1811,9157,331foreman_bootdiskPlugin for Foreman that creates iPXE-based boot disks to provision hosts without the ne...
1912,9465,356foreman_rh_cloudForeman plugin that process & upload data to Red Hat Cloud
2014,5418,379foreman_saltForeman Plug-in for Salt
2116,0898,179redhat_accessThis plugin adds Red Hat Access knowledge base search, case management and diagnostics ...
2216,8989,907foreman_xenProvision and manage XEN Server from Foreman.
2317,37015,432theforeman-rubocopShared Rubocop configuration for family of projects.
2417,5389,907foreman_templatesEngine to synchronise provisioning templates from GitHub
2518,3829,577smart_proxy_dynflowUse the Dynflow inside Foreman smart proxy
2618,70113,403foreman_setupPlugin for Foreman that helps set up provisioning.
2719,1409,736smart_proxy_remote_execution_sshSsh remote execution provider for Foreman Smart-Proxy
2819,83316,754hammer_cli_foreman_tasksContains the code for showing of the tasks (results and progress) in the Hammer CLI.
2920,02012,308foreman_chefForeman extensions that are required for better Chef integration.
3020,8877,607foreman_virt_who_configureA plugin to make virt-who configuration easy
3121,71811,102smart_proxy_openscapA plug-in to the Foreman's smart-proxy which receives bzip2ed ARF files and forwards ...
3222,35215,432foreman_hooksPlugin engine for Foreman that enables running custom hook scripts on Foreman events
3322,35310,861foreman_fog_proxmoxForeman plugin adds Proxmox VE compute resource using fog-proxmox. It is compatible wit...
3422,89712,630puppetdb_foremanDisable hosts on PuppetDB after they are deleted or built in Foreman. Follow https://gi...
3524,76712,630smart_proxy_dynflow_coreUse the Dynflow inside Foreman smart proxy
3625,21612,630foreman_ansible_coreAnsible integration with Foreman - core parts for dealing with Ansible concepts, us...
3726,1329,577foreman_azure_rmThis gem provides Azure Resource Manager as a compute resource for The Foreman
3826,48910,861smart_proxy_saltSaltStack Plug-In for Foreman's Smart Proxy
3928,61146,119hammer_cli_foreman_bootdiskForeman boot disk commands for Hammer CLI
4031,20616,056foreman_expire_hostsA Foreman plugin that allows hosts to expire at a configurable date. Hosts will be shut...
4131,83713,847smart_proxy_ansibleSmart-Proxy ansible plugin
4232,38723,425foreman_default_hostgroupAdds the option to specify a default hostgroup for new hosts created from facts/reports
4332,516143,315bundler_extSimple library leveraging the Bundler Gemfile DSL to load gems already on the system an...
4434,57325,195hammer_cli_foreman_remote_executionCLI for the Foreman remote execution plugin
4534,87419,508smart_proxy_pulpBasic Pulp support for Foreman Smart-Proxy
4635,0577,400foreman_puppetAllow assigning Puppet environments and classes to the Foreman Hosts.
4735,25616,754foreman_inventory_uploadForeman plugin that process & upload data to cloud based host inventory
4836,59817,559smart_proxy_dhcp_infobloxInfoblox DHCP provider plugin for Foreman's smart proxy
4938,34918,454smart_proxy_discovery_imageSmart Proxy plugin providing Image API on discovered nodes. This plugin is only use...
5038,77927,165newtRuby bindings for newt TUI library
5139,76323,425hammer_cli_foreman_adminForeman administrative commands plugin for Hammer CLI
5239,98320,633hammer_cli_foreman_openscapForeman OpenSCAP commands for Hammer
5341,16827,165smart_proxy_chefChef support for Foreman Smart-Proxy
5442,38227,165foreman_digitaloceanProvision and manage DigitalOcean droplets from Foreman.
5543,43117,559foreman_leappA Foreman plugin to support inplace RHEL upgrades with Leapp utility.
5646,20723,425foreman_monitoringForeman plugin for monitoring system integration.
5746,39636,049foreman_column_viewDisplays an additional column in the Foreman Hosts view and/or additional entries in ...
5847,67236,049foreman_dhcp_browserPlugin for Foreman to browse and add/edit/delete DHCP leases independent of Foreman's h...
5949,61432,383smart_proxy_abrtThis smart proxy plugin, together with a Foreman plugin, add the capability to send ABR...
6051,46425,195foreman_wreckingballAdds status checks of the VMWare VMs to Foreman.
6153,03836,049foreman_cockpitThis plugin adds a tab to see your host's Cockpit components, such as console, journal,...
6253,44236,049foreman_memcacheAdds memcache support to foreman
6354,33229,525foreman_kubevirtProvision and manage Kubevirt Virtual Machines from Foreman.
6455,87932,383redhat_access_libRest Client for accessing Red Hat Support
6556,12436,049hammer_cli_foreman_discoveryContains the code for managing host discovery in foreman(results and progress) in the H...
6656,14932,383foreman_azureAzure as a Compute Resource of Foreman
6756,49927,165hammer_cli_foreman_ansibleForeman Ansible plugin for Hammer CLI
6856,88529,525hammer_cli_foreman_virt_who_configurePlugin for configuring Virt Who
6956,99640,415hammer_cli_foreman_saltForeman Salt-related commands for Hammer CLI
7057,08719,508foreman_webhooksPlugin for Foreman that allows to configure Webhooks.
7157,18527,165foreman_omahaThis plug-in adds support for the Omaha procotol to The Foreman. It allows you to bette...
7257,50132,383smart_proxy_dns_infobloxInfoblox DNS provider plugin for Foreman's smart proxy
7359,06936,049smart_proxy_discoveryThis smart proxy plugin, together with a Foreman plugin, add the capability to discover...
7464,42240,415smart_proxy_dns_powerdnsPowerDNS DNS provider plugin for Foreman's smart proxy
7565,17427,165foreman_statisticsStatistics and Trends for Foreman gives users overview of their infrastructure.
7665,80736,049foreman_git_templatesAdds support for using templates from Git repositories
7772,00936,049foreman_host_extra_validatorThis plugin adds extra validations to a host.
7873,11532,383foreman_vaultAdds support for using credentials from Hashicorp Vault
7974,88440,415smart_proxy_omahaThis plug-in adds support for the Omaha Procotol to Foreman's Smart Proxy.
8076,9588,558hammer_cli_foreman_azure_rmForeman AzureRM commands for Hammer CLI.
8178,46346,119hammer_cli_foreman_kubevirtForeman kubevirt commands for Hammer CLI.
8279,52446,119smart_proxy_dhcp_dnsmasqdnamasq DHCP provider plugin for Foreman's smart proxy
8379,90446,119hammer_cli_foreman_templatesCLI plugin with import and export commands for Hammer_CLI_Foreman
8480,63146,119smart_proxy_monitoringMonitoring plug-in for Foreman's smart proxy
8580,70153,589smart_proxy_dns_route53Route 53 DNS provider plugin for Foreman's smart proxy
8681,23653,589foreman_icingaSet a downtime for hosts after they are deleted in Foreman.
8781,26946,119smart_proxy_dhcp_remote_iscSmart-Proxy dhcp module provider for NFS-accessible ISC dhcpd installations
8882,66146,119foreman_rescueForeman Plugin to provide the ability to boot a host into a rescue system.
8984,46464,020foreman_oneProvision and manage OpenNebula VMs from Foreman
9092,39540,415hammer_cli_foreman_puppetForeman Puppet plugin for Hammer CLI
91103,32253,589foreman_dlmAdds a Distributed Lock Manager to Foreman. This enables painless system updates for cl...
92107,05464,020smart_proxy_dns_dnsmasqdnamasq DNS provider plugin for Foreman's smart proxy
93108,83664,020smart_proxy_dhcp_bluecatBlueCat DHCP provider plugin for Foreman's smart proxy
94112,44564,020foreman_spacewalkSpacewalk integration for Foreman.
95117,18946,119foreman_host_reportsFast and efficient reporting capabilities
96119,16078,560fog-azure-rm-downgradedThis library can be used as a module for 'fog' or as standalone provider ...
97122,71178,560smart_proxy_dhcp_device42Device42 DHCP provider plugin for Foreman's smart proxy
98128,489101,029foreman_snapshotPlugin to enable snapshots on Openstack/EC2/oVirt/etc
99129,72653,589smart_proxy_reportsTransform and upload Foreman host reports via REST API
100131,29278,560foreman_userdataThis plug-in adds support for serving user-data for cloud-init to The Foreman.
101132,999101,029foreman_openstack_clusterA UI for entering parameters to create related Hostgroups
102154,516101,029foreman_vmwareannotationsThis plug-in copies the host comment to VMWare annotations in The Foreman.
103155,07553,589smart_proxy_realm_ad_pluginA realm ad provider plugin for Foreman's smart proxy
104160,224101,029smart_proxy_spacewalkThis plug-in adds support for managing hosts registered at a spacewalk server to Forema...
105170,56364,020foreman_googleGoogle Compute Engine plugin for the Foreman
106173,42878,560hammer_cli_foreman_googleForeman Google plugin for Hammer CLI