Benjaminpjacobs's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
19,27792,897thin_manA Rails library that makes web apps lively while keeping all the logic on the server.
29,3038,774pulitzerA content management system that works with your view templates. Keep the presses hot!
39,49692,897hoochHooch provides tools for common UI patterns without any dom or css. You build the html ...
412,0996,415clark_kentGet an ad hoc report building UI for any model from your app that you configure for Cla...
512,21792,897foreign_officeA light framework that provides functionality for listeners on web clients and publishe...
629,82542,741hs-pact-supportShared code for Pact gems
729,88242,741hs-pact-mock_serviceProvides a mock service for use with Pact
864,79728,429recoverableClass Level retry DSL for ruby
970,81535,718ship_stationShipstation API