Ofedoren's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,8822,267apipie-railsRails REST API documentation tool
25,2938,706safemodeA library for safe evaluation of Ruby code based on RubyParser and Ruby2Ruby. Provides ...
36,8918,789apipie-bindingsBindings for API calls that are documented with Apipie. Bindings are generated on the fly.
49,3777,944hammer_cli_foremanForeman commands for Hammer CLI
59,94117,557hammer_cliHammer cli provides universal extendable CLI interface for ruby apps
610,10218,827fog-kubevirtThis library can be used as a module for `fog`.
710,77069,418foreman_openscapForeman plug-in for managing security compliance reports
812,3317,838apipie-dslRuby DSL documentation tool
918,13669,418foreman_templatesEngine to synchronise provisioning templates from GitHub
1020,25553,236hammer_cli_foreman_tasksContains the code for showing of the tasks (results and progress) in the Hammer CLI.
1125,45321,400foreman_scap_clientClient script that runs openscap scan and uploads the result to foreman proxy
1229,02821,400hammer_cli_foreman_bootdiskForeman boot disk commands for Hammer CLI
1329,97453,236hammer_cli_foreman_dockerForeman Docker-related commands for Hammer CLI
1432,99553,236hammer_cli_foreman_remote_executionCLI for the Foreman remote execution plugin
1539,48269,418hammer_cli_foreman_openscapForeman OpenSCAP commands for Hammer
1639,69069,418hammer_cli_foreman_adminForeman administrative commands plugin for Hammer CLI
1749,92269,418foreman_webhooksPlugin for Foreman that allows to configure Webhooks.
1852,90169,418hammer_cli_foreman_ansibleForeman Ansible plugin for Hammer CLI
1955,91569,418hammer_cli_foreman_virt_who_configurePlugin for configuring Virt Who
2055,94869,418hammer_cli_foreman_discoveryContains the code for managing host discovery in foreman(results and progress) in the H...
2177,70669,418hammer_cli_foreman_templatesCLI plugin with import and export commands for Hammer_CLI_Foreman
2278,34569,418hammer_cli_foreman_kubevirtForeman kubevirt commands for Hammer CLI.
2384,11569,418hammer_cli_foreman_puppetForeman Puppet plugin for Hammer CLI
24110,78369,418foreman_host_reportsFast and efficient reporting capabilities
25111,16569,418smart_proxy_shellhooksProvides easy integration with 3rd parties for Foreman
26112,42269,418hammer_cli_foreman_webhooksForeman Webhooks plugin for Hammer CLI
27122,03169,418smart_proxy_reportsTransform and upload Foreman host reports via REST API
28173,88969,418hammer_cli_foreman_googleForeman Google plugin for Hammer CLI
29174,14469,418hammer_cli_foreman_host_reportsForeman Host Reports plugin for Hammer CLI