Mvz's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,0951,205reekReek is a tool that examines Ruby classes, modules and methods and reports any code sme...
22,0281,929acts_as_paranoidCheck the home page for more in-depth information.
32,7853,163nokogiri-happymapperObject to XML Mapping Library, using Nokogiri (fork from John Nunemaker's Happymapper)
46,5849,865ripper_ruby_parserRipperRubyParser is a parser for Ruby based on Ripper that aims to be a drop-in replace...
56,9885,326non-digest-assetsRails provides no option to generate both digest and non-digest assets. Installing ...
67,1396,020gir_ffiGirFFI creates bindings for GObject-based libraries at runtime based on introspection d...
710,20936,410mvz-live_astLiveAST enables a program to find the ASTs of objects created by dynamically genera...
811,61127,232memory_test_fixMakes use of SQLite3 in-memory database possible for your Rails tests by preloading...
912,30410,586gir_ffi-gnome_keyringBindings for GnomeKeyring generated by GirFFI, with overrides.
1024,18520,036gir_ffi-gtkBindings for Gtk+ 2 and 3, generated by GirFFI, with overrides.
1125,17025,611mdvQuickly view markdown files on GNOME
1230,56110,869atspi_app_driverTest GirFFI-based applications using Atspi
1330,96730,271gir_ffi-trackerBindings for Tracker generated by GirFFI, with overrides.
1432,86931,240gir_ffi-cairoBindings for Cairo generated by GirFFI, with overrides.
1533,60329,471gir_ffi-pangoBindings for Pango generated by GirFFI, with an eclectic set of overrides.
1639,00327,232keep_upAutomatically update the dependencies listed in your Gemfile, Gemfile.lock, and gemspec.
1740,39525,047publify_coreCore engine for the Publify blogging system, formerly known as Typo.
1841,46933,275gir_ffi-gstBindings for GStreamer generated by GirFFI, with an eclectic set of overrides.
1942,76514,308alexandria-book-collection-managerGNOME application for managing collections of books
2047,99728,803publify_amazon_sidebarAmazon sidebar for the Publify blogging system.
2150,93030,271publify_textfilter_codeCode text filter sidebar for the Publify blogging system.
2251,11910,840rake-manifestRake tasks to generate and check a manifest file
2355,89246,733gir_ffi-pretty_printerLibrary and executable to pretty-print modules generated by GirFFI, taking method overr...
2459,77062,008ibaAsserts blocks, prints introspective failure messages.
2563,81794,395ffi-trackerFFI-based binding to Tracker, using the GObject Introspection Repository (deprecated)
2670,81556,438ghtml2pdfClean Ruby implemenentation of a HTML to PDF converter based on WebKit, WebKit2GTK+ and...
2772,77358,478mvz-ruby-handlebarsPure Ruby library for Handlebars templates
2877,44465,380wait_upPlay sound files slowly so you can follow along
2977,77158,478phewList and compare installed fonts on GNOME
3082,44662,008gnome_app_driverDriver to test the UI of applications using Ruby-GNOME2 by interacting with them via At...
3197,96965,380mvz-dnoteDNote makes it easy to extract developer's notes from source code, and supports almost ...
32110,66486,597tracyFun with tracing