Chanzuckerberg's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
12,2681,615sorbet-railsSet of tools to make Sorbet work with Rails seamlessly.
22,3891,517sorbet-coerceA type coercion lib works with Sorbet's static type checker and type definitions; raise...
32,4951,653safe_typeType Coercion & Type Enhancement
421,5129,473redis-memoA Redis-based version-addressable caching system. Memoize pure functions, aggregated da...
525,1568,916redcordA Ruby ORM like Active Record, but for Redis
630,3906,630ruby-prof-speedscopeA ruby-prof printer compatible with
742,09564,361ssrfs-upA gem that simplifies connecting to out AWS Lambda used to proxy requests. Make your th...