Hmistry's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1734376image_processingHigh-level wrapper for processing images for the web with ImageMagick or libvips.
21,238722downRobust streaming downloads using Net::HTTP, HTTP.rb or wget.
31,8231,653shrineShrine is a toolkit for file attachments in Ruby applications. It supports uploading, d...
41,8671,586content_dispositionRuby gem to create HTTP Content-Disposition headers with proper escaping/encoding of fi...
55,40110,517shrine-memoryProvides in-memory storage for Shrine.
65,9964,901uppy-s3_multipartProvides a Rack application that implements endpoints for the AwsS3Multipart Uppy plugin.
79,06412,310shrine-urlProvides a fake storage which allows you to create a Shrine attachment defined only by ...
89,7407,009shrine-mongoidProvides Mongoid integration for Shrine.
910,9477,387tus-serverRuby server implementation of, the open protocol for resumable file uploads.
1013,65616,193shrine-cloudinaryProvides Cloudinary storage for Shrine.
1115,12320,835shrine-tusProvides storage and plugin for easier integration between Shrine and tus-ruby-server.
1215,49824,269shrine-fogProvides Fog storage for Shrine.
1319,72724,759shrine-transloaditProvides Transloadit integration for Shrine.
1421,61133,480shrine-imgixProvides Imgix integration for Shrine.
1527,86661,875shrine-reformProvides Reform integration for Shrine.
1638,02627,595shrine-gridfsProvides MongoDB's GridFS storage for Shrine.
1738,88327,595shrine-sqlProvides SQL database storage for Shrine.
1844,62644,931shrine-flickrProvides Flickr storage for Shrine.
1977,90076,549shrine-uploadcareProvides Uploadcare storage for Shrine.