Swilgosz's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
112,11011,507jsonapi_errors_handlerThis gem is a convienient wrapper for your application errors. It allows you to map any...
213,23210,684event_store_clientEasy to use client for event-sources applications written in ruby
336,67914,422jsom-paginationEasy to use, framework-agnostic set of methods useful for integrating JSON:API in y...
459,11518,556fast_cqrsWrite CQRS applications easily using functional endpoints without a hassle.
5103,17510,439hanami-ruby3Set of component overrides for Hanami 1.3.X to support Ruby 3.0
6111,45311,792yousty-httpThis gem is to unify and manage http connection for our microservices.
7115,12945,355jay_doubleu_teeJayDoubleuTee is a simple but powerful middleware for authorising endpoints in any ruby...
8173,16626,294hanamimastery-cliA set of command line utility scripts helping with producing Hanami Mastery content.