Sergioro's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
150,93562,634wikianGet and update Wikipedia articles
263,54862,634oyeContinuous monitoring tool
371,58162,634runcPronounced "runk" stands for "run connection"
475,51962,634trick_or_treatHappy Hackoween
575,96462,634runIncrease typing speed and keep track of WPM history
683,73162,634rutexGenerate images from TeX equations
790,51062,634hola-sergioIf you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in yo...
897,75962,634ruvalPrint the value of every statement in a Ruby progam
9100,17662,634wpmIncrease typing speed and keep track of WPM history
10108,40262,634joyaClone gems from a specified author with `joya rubygems_username`
11139,37762,634oak-apiGet access to posts, tasks, and site analysitcs
12148,53862,634heatUsing Ruby as a scientific computing language
13161,67162,634romeRome by ROMEro
14133,84116,565repo-sergioUsage: gem repo sergioro9/ruby this command will open
15165,53843,332etyPrints origin of a word
16165,86243,332apimAPI manager
17166,33443,332chimneyWrite a longer description or delete this line.
18168,45762,634mijoHelps to learn spanish
19168,60862,634rabbit-slide-sergioro-theme-benchmark-enRabbit presentation tool test. More info at
20168,64343,332clirbCLI Ruby
21168,66462,634peteAPI manager
22168,67262,634timgtimg (TIM Gem) interacts with API
23168,96462,634legendAPI for Legendario neswpaper
24169,33443,332faroGet/publish news from/to a newspaper
25169,48843,332bosqueTool to create|update|get posts from
26169,69162,634gemoGUI for zBar
27170,40862,634taskyTO DO
28170,59224,284dry-fileRemoves almost identical lines based on a similarity parameter.
29171,08362,634http_sieveTakes URLs on stdin, prints them to stdout if they return a 200 or 300 http status