Tecracer's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
195,46253,197inspec-chefThis plugin allows InSpec 'inputs' to be provided by Chef Server.
2123,47453,197canteenA Rack-based web library with a little magic.
3141,93253,197chef-raketasksProvides a central repository of the most essential tasks
4146,42753,197train-awsssmTrain plugin to use the AWS Systems Manager Agent to execute commands on machines witho...
5147,30553,197kitchen-staticTest Kitchen driver for static hosts
6148,05353,197train-restProvides a transport to communicate easily with RESTful APIs.
7154,51453,197train-telnetAllows applications using Train connect via Telnet
8154,60453,197train-serialAllows applications using Train to speak to serial interaces, like console ports
9156,28153,197inspec-reporter-flexPlugin for templated reports
10161,45953,197inspec-tkinfoAllows reading instance name, suite name and platform name in tests.
11164,47353,197custom_cookstyleNo functionality
12164,93745,825kitchen-transport-trainUse the Train transport ecosystem for all your Kitchen needs
13165,13845,825safekeeperNew gem
14165,29445,825trainshBased on the Train ecosystem, provide a shell to manage systems via a multitude of tran...
15165,32153,197cookbook_generatorNo functionality
16165,33545,825train-vsphere-gomExecute commands via VMware Tools (without need for network)
17165,40953,197custom_raketasksNo functionality
18165,58553,197inspec-reporter-tapPlugin following TAP/TAP13
19166,47545,825cooksmateNew gem