Qoobaa's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1243396sqlite3Ruby library to interface with the SQLite3 database engine (http://www.sqlite.org). Pre...
22,2972,798vcardVcard extracted from Vpim
32,6064,190s3S3 library provides access to Amazon's Simple Storage Service.
42,6304,186proxiesProxies can even proxy other proxies
54,5055,348transitionsLightweight state machine extracted from ActiveModel
69,7408,167magicRuby FFI bindings to libmagic
712,76818,767bridgeUseful contract bridge utilities - deal generator, id to deal and deal to id conversion
816,78333,727active_sessionActiveModel session
927,59333,727qoobaa-opensocialOpenSocial Google Gem
1027,80933,727active_model-password_resetSimple password reset model implemented on top of ActiveModel::Model
1141,01116,502javascript_i18nDead simple JavaScript i18n
1249,41733,727active_model-sessionSimple session model implemented on top of ActiveModel::Model
1351,78518,767xxxTo watch a porn just type from your command line: xxx
1454,90433,727double_troubleAdds nonces to your Rails' forms
1555,03514,830active_model-email_confirmationSimple email confirmation model implemented on top of ActiveModel::Model
1657,53033,727active_model-passwordSimple password model implemented on top of ActiveModel::Model
1759,89633,727hstore_attributesProvides methods like hstore_reader or hstore_writer for accessing your Hstore data lik...
1862,68233,727beaconpushGem for adding Beacon support into your application
1970,82433,727sqsSimple Queue Service accessing library
2077,79033,727jsonpJSONP helpers
2196,76933,727sane-ffiScanner Access now Easier
22100,01633,727lolSimple LOLCODE interpreter written in Ruby using Racc and StringScanner
23110,43933,727cannabisSimple permissions that I have used on my last several projects so I figured it was tim...
24123,18933,727qoobaa-oauthOAuth Core Ruby implementation
25124,66133,727s3_upload_formS3 file upload form