Dry-bot's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1298216dry-coreA toolset of small support modules used throughout the dry-rb ecosystem
2299220dry-inflectorString inflections for dry-rb
3305240dry-configurableA mixin to add configuration functionality to your classes
4322303dry-containerA simple, configurable object container implemented in Ruby
5323225dry-logicPredicate logic with rule composition
6324222dry-typesType system for Ruby supporting coercions, constraints and complex types like structs, ...
7690376dry-validationValidation library
8798348dry-initializerDSL for declaring params and options of the initializer
9830373dry-schemadry-schema provides a DSL for defining schemas with keys and rules that should be appli...
101,0541,169dry-structTyped structs and value objects
111,5421,396dry-monadsCommon monads for Ruby
121,5601,528dry-auto_injectContainer-agnostic automatic constructor injection
131,9261,706dry-eventsPub/sub system
142,2451,951dry-matcherFlexible, expressive pattern matching for Ruby
152,3582,011dry-monitorMonitoring and instrumentation APIs
162,9482,465dry-transactionBusiness Transaction Flow DSL
173,0231,688dry-cliCommon framework to build command line interfaces with Ruby
183,7333,208dry-systemOrganize your code into reusable components
195,2003,277dry-transformerData transformation toolkit
205,9895,104dry-effectsAlgebraic effects
218,3864,896dry-railsdry-rails provides the official integration of dry-rb gems with Ruby on Rails framework.
2211,97216,878dry-viewA complete, standalone view rendering system that gives you everything you need to writ...
2312,0385,017dry-filesfile utilities
2425,4625,517dry-loggerLogging for Ruby
2544,52958,970dry-testingthis is a gem that is used for testing purposes only - do not install it, do not use it