Nakajima's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,5511,937active_hashIncludes the ability to specify data using hashes, yml files or JSON files
25,6377,177auto_taggerHelps you automatically create tags for each stage in a multi-stage deploment and deplo...
36,47911,880acts_as_fuGenerate ActiveRecord models on the fly for your tests
47,62661,339rack-flashFlash hash implementation for Rack apps.
58,65761,339fixjourObject creation methods everyone already has
614,5009,498big-phoneySimple phone number parsing in Ruby
715,56861,339memegenLocally generate two-caption 'Advice Dog'-style meme images
815,98561,339john-mayerA Foursquare API wrapper
923,17361,339quimbyA Foursquare API wrapper
1024,30361,339paddockPaddock is an environment-based feature switch system.
1124,33861,339groupmemeGroupMe fork of meme_generator
1228,09415,686elementorPrettier element traversal with Nokogiri
1329,45461,339fixjour-2Fixjour Again
1433,02361,339whitespaceStrips whitespace from files modified by git
1534,90061,339poundieUses plugins to interact with campfire rooms
1637,54861,339groupme-paddockPaddock is an environment-based feature switch system.
1740,08061,339rolefulGeneric roles for you and your objects
1843,84526,482anotherMy new Ruby project generator
1947,83961,339sinatras-hatSimple REST-ful resources with Sinatra.
2050,52461,339makers-markGenerate syntax highlighted HTML using Markdown/Lighthouse conventions.
2156,06961,339poundie-last-tweetA Poundie plugin to post last tweet from a given user
2257,53261,339slidedownCreate slides with Markdown
2358,29161,339nakajima-twitter_oauthtwitter_oauth is a Ruby library for talking to twitter using the new oauth method.
2461,78432,123bells== FEATURES/PROBLEMS: Currently contains recipes for: * Apache * Ruby on Rails * Mint ...
2562,28232,123capinatraQuickly deploy Sinatra apps on Passenger
2664,61961,339testtesttesttestIt's a test. Duh.
2783,40961,339poundie-weatherA Poundie plugin to post weather information to campfire
2883,61861,339wikipedia-api-forkWikipedia-API is a ruby wrapper for the MediaWiki API
2983,67861,339poundie-picA Poundie plugin to post first google images result to Campfire
3085,29361,339omniauth-groupmeGroupMe OAuth strategy for OmniAuth
3187,56441,453aspectoryCallbacks for your classes
3287,83261,339virusDefines a class called `Virus` that you can extend to make your very own computer virus.
3390,75141,453booty-callCallbacks for your Ruby
34102,01641,453custom-twitter-bootstrap-railstwitter-bootstrap-rails project integrates Bootstrap CSS toolkit for Rails 3.1 Asset Pi...
35102,29561,339groupme-trailsMakes developing twilio applications (even) easier in rails. Support for SMS, twiml Mim...
36102,81061,339nakajimaStuff I use 2 or 10 projects a project.
37105,37161,339ezcoffeeGenerate really basic coffeescript projects
38106,45961,339nest-unitThe lightest way to add contexts to Test::Unit
39107,05361,339sms-rbSend text messages with Twilio.
40108,62261,339reboundBy default, instances of UnboundMethod can only be bound to objects that are a kind_of?...
41113,49861,339poundie-wikipediaA Poundie plugin to post wikipedia pages to Campfire
42113,55361,339poundie-urban-dictionaryA Poundie plugin for posting urban dictionary definitions to campfire
43113,85961,339the-official-groupme-ab-testing-solutionThe Official GroupMe AB Testing Solution
44114,68161,339poundie-shake-shackA Poundie plugin for posting latest shake shack cam image to campfire.