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1185720activeresourceREST on Rails. Wrap your RESTful web app with Ruby classes and work with them like Acti...
2700866email_specEasily test email in RSpec, Cucumber, and MiniTest
3874750activerecord-session_storeAn Action Dispatch session store backed by an Active Record class.
41,5231,661actionpack-xml_parserXML parameters parser for Action Pack (removed from core in Rails 4.0)
51,8771,035omniauth-rails_csrf_protectionThis gem provides a mitigation against CVE-2015-9284 (Cross-Site Request Forgery on the...
65,5066,112sprockets-redirectRack middleware which will look up your assets manifest file and redirect a request...
7141,27329,218oozou-fusion_tablesA simple Google Fusion Tables API wrapper. Supports bulk inserts and most API functions