Alto's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1607489aasmAASM is a continuation of the acts-as-state-machine rails plugin, built for plain Ruby ...
210,90012,027assert_jsonA gem to test JSON strings.
323,99417,494seatbeltGoal is to provide custom, high quality and high level assertions for Ruby and Ruby on ...
424,49017,164memo-it📥 📤 simple yet clever memoization helper with parameter support
526,52626,652gem_version_checkCheck for a given github project if gem dependencies are up to date
628,634131,465vimalyWrapper for the Vimaly API
729,55921,239yaml_enumerationCreate classes which work like ActiveRecord classes, but are ...
834,72821,884nineflats-apiLet's you use the 9flats API'
953,59635,780exceptionistRequest a certain HTTP status code to be returned
1062,016131,465will_paypalPaypal NVP API Class.
11121,87075,203obeyaWrapper for the Obeya API