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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1120134connection_poolGeneric connection pool for Ruby
2150158sidekiqSimple, efficient background processing for Ruby.
3273375dalliHigh performance memcached client for Ruby
41,6222,417memcache-clientA Ruby library for accessing memcached.
52,3267,279em-resolv-replaceEventMachine-aware DNS lookup for Ruby
62,6829,415girl_fridayBackground processing, simplified
73,4473,054deadlock_retryProvides automatic deadlock retry and logging functionality for ActiveRecord and MySQL
83,7752,930phashionSimple wrapper around the pHash library
95,5407,656rack-fiber_poolRack middleware to run each request within a Fiber
105,89614,902lunchyFriendly wrapper around launchctl
116,16434,046rc-restRobot Co-op REST web services base class. This library makes it easy to implement REST-...
1213,19334,046fiveruns_tuneupRails plugin that provides the FiveRuns TuneUp Panel (
1313,41048,417data_fabricSharding and replication support for ActiveRecord
1413,95548,417naokiC bindings for SafeNet DataSecure ICAPI
1518,3967,731faktory_worker_rubyRuby worker for Faktory.
1732,12348,417brigitGit utilities
1842,28448,417fiveruns_tuneup_merbMerb Slice that provides the FiveRuns TuneUp Panel (
1942,36248,417fiveruns_tuneup_coreCore utilities for FiveRuns TuneUp panels
2045,70717,907sidekiq-proYou should really pay attention to what you install... And you probably want to fetch t...
2149,25029,238sidekiq-entSidekiq Enterprise
2254,82234,046shapelibSimple wrapper around the shapelib library
2383,77848,417em_postgresqlAn ActiveRecord driver for using Postgresql with EventMachine
2490,42848,417gem_dirPrints the install directory for the selected gem.
2596,81948,417instrumentationProvides a simple API for instrumenting Ruby method invocations.
2699,22348,417rubygems-isit19Lets you figure out if your gems and gems you install might work on 1.9. Uses http://i...
27142,48848,417mprmMike's PRM (Package Repository Manager) is an OS-independent Package Repository tool. I...