Haruska's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
12,1251,092jsonb_accessorAdds typed jsonb backed fields to your ActiveRecord models.
225,28058,638scrubytscRUBYt! is an easy to learn and use, yet powerful and effective web scraping framework...
349,19131,885exception_helperCommon mixins for handling exceptions
458,49126,654binary_decision_treeA binary decision tree useful for brackets of single elimination tournaments.
598,11236,352active_attr_extendedAn extension of the active_attr gem, adding Arrays and Hashes as valid attribute types....
6127,05958,638espn_scrapera simple scraping api for espn stats and data
7129,77743,845cassandra_archiveThe library allows to archive destroyed record to cassandra. For that moment ActiveReco...
8131,54943,845cassandra_datumCassandra backed ORM
9142,51158,638redis_attrRuby model attributes backed by redis
10144,03158,638serial_attrFiner control over which attributes of a model to serialize