#2236's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
191112faraday_middlewareVarious middleware for Faraday
2126134crackReally simple JSON and XML parsing, ripped from Merb and Rails.
3131119sawyerSecret User Agent of HTTP
4133124octokitSimple wrapper for the GitHub API
53,6564,491linkedinRuby wrapper for the LinkedIn API
616,60064,361gowallaRuby wrapper for the Gowalla API
719,83864,361chargifyRuby wrapper for the chargify.com SAAS and billing API using httparty
820,21464,361topsyWrapper for the Topsy API
921,64864,361twitterlandwrappers for various twitter apis
1023,51064,361octopussySimple wrapper for the GitHub API v2
1131,31524,843compass-wordpressHelps you create generic WordPress themes and Thematic child themes
1239,31464,361compass_formalizeCompass and Sass port of Nathan Smith's Formalize HTML form normalizer.
1341,87764,361buzzsproutRuby wrapper for the stealth mode Buzzsprout API
1445,84764,361authentic_jobsRuby wrapper for the Authentic Jobs API
1549,41024,843plancastWrapper for the Plancast API
1652,81264,361rdio-cliCLI for Rdio for Mac
1757,75824,843readernautWrapper for Readernaut, the best book social network around
1860,10424,843transparency_dataWrapper for the Sunlight Transparency data API
1968,85464,361octonautCLI for GitHub
2070,10264,361grouponWrapper for the Groupon API
2170,24564,361shopprRuby wrapper for the Shopping.com API
2296,10864,361sqootWrapper for Sqoot API. Using FaradayMiddleware
23101,49064,361formstackWrapper for the Formstack API
24105,59664,361billboardGreat for cheating at trivia games
25110,92424,843chunky_baconfileTasty wrapper for the Baconfile API
26114,38824,843giactRuby wrapper for the Giact real time checks API
27115,68564,361remixrwrapper for the BestBuy Remix api
28117,75864,361nextstopFind cool places and destination guides with the nextstop API
29119,69724,843nesta-plugin-sluggableSluggable posts for Nesta CMS
30120,25964,361vidlyPost your videos to Twitter with Vid.ly
31123,26424,843nesta-plugin-linkableLink posts for Nesta CMS
32125,08364,361nesta-plugin-project-metaPlugin for Nesta CMS to pull in project meta info from GitHub, Rubygems
33155,44824,843athena-cliA JRuby-powered CLI for Amazon Athena