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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
14,325917cborCBOR is a library for the CBOR binary object representation format, based on Sadayuki F...
28,56126,221kramdown-rfc2629An RFC7749 (XML2RFC) generating backend for Thomas Leitner's "kramdown" markdown parser...
314,47225,360cddlA parser, generator, and validator for CDDL
427,33925,360cbor-diagcbor-diag implements diagnostic notation for CBOR, RFC 7049
587,21325,360abncShifty support for tools based on IETF's ABNF
6105,06648,251coapingcoaping: check whether your CoAP server is still there.
7109,22848,251asn1-diagasn1-diag implements some diagnostics for ASN1 BER (X.690) and DER
8130,71736,748cert-to-cwtcert-to-cwt is a highly experimental converter for X.509 certificates into CWT claim sets.
9135,07936,748cbor-canonicalcbor-canonical implements canonical encoding for CBOR, RFC 7049 Section 3.9
10141,23548,251rb_tuntap_osxThis library allows you to create and interact with TUN/TAP devices using Ruby. See the...
11143,89148,251eventmachine-with-ipv6EventMachine implements a fast, single-threaded engine for arbitrary network communicat...
12145,33648,251tinydtlstinydtls provides a DTLS implementation
13147,37148,251cddlccddlc implements converters and miscellaneous tools for CDDL, RFC 8610
14157,84427,560abnfttLess shifty support for tools based on IETF's ABNF
15159,94348,251coral0Support tools for the CoRAL IoT format