Uberzealot's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
13,5549,338spreeA complete open source e-commerce solution with multi-store, multi-currency and multi-l...
23,5667,860spree_apiSpree's API
33,67411,332spree_sampleOptional package containing example data of products, stores, shipping methods, categor...
43,80715,221spree_cmdSpree Commerce command line interface
53,8258,156spree_backendAdmin Dashboard for Spree eCommerce platform
63,9268,841spree_frontendThe default Storefront built with Rails and Turbo/Hotwire for Spree eCommerce platform
74,6867,959spree_auth_deviseProvides authentication and authorization services for use with Spree by using Devise a...
84,9646,553spree_gatewayAdditional Payment Gateways for Spree Commerce
98,05943,759spree_promoRequired dependency for Spree
108,09677,281spree_dashRequired dependency for Spree
119,39254,791spree_authRequired dependency for Spree
1210,7777,584spree_i18nProvides locale information for use in Spree.
1319,30154,791rd_searchlogicSearchlogic makes using ActiveRecord named scopes easier and less repetitive.
1420,84377,281rd_find_by_paramfind_by_param is a nice and easy way to handle permalinks and dealing with searching fo...
1532,75077,281spree_skrillPayment Method for Skrill Transactions for Spree
1633,33977,281spree_usa_epayPayment Method for USA ePay SOAP Webservice
1762,51577,281spree_multi_domainMultiple Spree stores on different domains - single unified backed for processing orders.
1871,22377,281spree_store_creditsProvides store credits for a Spree store.
1973,69877,281spree_socialAdds social network login services (OAuth) to Spree
2075,22877,281spree_simple_blogToto style blogging for Spree
2187,11977,281spree_related_productsAllows multiple types of relationships between products to be defined
2291,41777,281spree_volume_pricingAllow prices to be configured in quantity ranges for each variant
23102,58277,281spree_email_to_friendSpree extension to send product recommendations to friends
24115,17877,281spree_active_shippingSpree extension for providing shipping methods that wrap the active_shipping plugin.
25117,53477,281spree_commentsComments for orders and shipments
26120,19777,281spree_affiliateAffiliate support for Spree