Matiaskorhonen's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
19,02036,143monitRetrieve server information from Monit.
221,14629,683radix62Convert base 10 integers to base 62 strings (or base 62 strings to base 10 integers).
327,812136,605wolSend Wake-On-LAN magic packets from Ruby or from CLI
431,66143,231nordeaA Money.gem compatible currency exchange rate implementation for Nordea Bank
532,31015,545unpwnKeeps passwords from being easily hackable.
637,99239,356redclothcoderayAdds CodeRay syntax highlighting support to RedCloth, with a ‘source’ tag.
743,12131,463s3itch_clientSend files to s3itch from the command line
8103,391136,605vpn-configGenerate signed and unsigned iOS/OS X configuration profiles for VPNs