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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
16,84234,211active_wrapperWraps ActiveRecord and Logger for use in non-Rails environments
27,4723,927jetsJets is a framework that allows you to create serverless applications with a beautiful ...
37,5023,532lonoThe CloudFormation Framework
48,24510,657requireManage your project's dependencies with a pretty DSL
58,93634,211gantreecli tool for automating docker deploys to elastic beanstalk
69,9284,623ufoAWS ECS Deploy Tool
710,33634,211also_migrateMigrate multiple tables with similar schema at once.
813,19834,211moverMove ActiveRecord records across tables like it ain't no thang
913,9394,843render_me_prettyRender ERB template and provide more useful message pointing out the line with the erro...
1015,66834,211chapchef + capistrano = chap: deploy your app with either chef or capistrano
1115,73134,211rnaRna is a simple DSL for generating node.json files required by chef-solo.
1219,3496,606cfnresponseCloudFormation send_response helper for custom resource
1320,57016,747guard-cloudformationGuard::Cloudformation automatically validates cloud formation templates.
1421,5836,921jets-html-sanitizerHTML sanitization for Jets applications
1522,11034,211jack-ebWrapper tool to manage AWS Elastic Beanstalk environments
1622,21416,747guard-lonoGuard::Lono automatically builds cloud formation templates from lono erb templates.
1722,6736,412dynomiteActiveRecord-ish Dynamodb Model
1823,18734,211ey_infoEy Info - Easy way to setup ssh keys for ey cloud servers and also to dynamically pull ...
1923,90234,211cloud_infocloud_info summary
2024,0706,084jets-gemsLibrary manages pre-compiled Lambda Gems for Jets Ruby Serverless Framework
2124,10134,211capistrano-benchmarkBenchchmark cpaistrano-tasks like whoa
2225,74634,211br_api_fantasyThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
2327,9135,612cfn_camelizerCfn Camelizer
2434,49334,211rbackupBackup your stuff with Ruby and Rsync
2534,61934,211elbTool to gracefully restart app servers without affecting users
2635,14234,211with_pidThe simple way to create and monitor a Ruby daemon
2735,37434,211aws-ec2Simple tool to create AWS ec2 instances consistently with pre-configured settings
2837,0709,528lono-cfnWrapper cfn tool to quickly create CloudFormation stacks from lono templates and params...
2937,34734,211thor_templateGenerates starter cli tool project.
3039,41034,211schema_transformerWay is alter database schemas on large tables with little downtime.
3143,72334,211bakerA simple way to run chef recipes
3249,43511,618lono-paramsTool to generate a CloudFormation parameters json formatted file
3352,71134,211guard-rnaGuard::Rna automatically builds node.json files.
3455,7089,528codebuildCodeBuild DSL Tool to Quickly Create CodeBuild Project
3558,85134,211brbackupbrbackup summary
3659,20810,657cli_markdownGenerate markdown docs from cli docs
3760,86718,941sonic-screwdriverMulti-functional tool to manage AWS infrastructure
3864,78818,941forgerCreate EC2 Instances with preconfigured settings
3965,36334,211text_injectorText Injector: injects text to a file
4068,86134,211thor-vcrProvides a way inject vcr in front of any thor cli task
4171,72629,305executerA daemon that executes commands given to it
4275,40234,211ec2_nameQuick way to tag the name of the instance so that it shows up on aws console.
4377,00811,618codepipelineCodePipeline DSL Tool to Quickly Create CodePipeline Pipeline
4478,79713,874cli-templateGenerate a CLI tool quickly
4579,42522,501aws-inventoryTool to inventory AWS account
4684,59234,211dynamodb_modelActiveRecord-ish Dynamodb Model
4784,94234,211br-naniteself assembling fabric of ruby daemons
4886,81316,747sentry-jetsSentry exception report support for Jets
4988,75734,211aws-rdsSimple tool to create AWS RDS db instances consistently with pre-configured settings
50101,87334,211bluegreenThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
51112,09934,211honoThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
52115,63229,305jets-railsReconfigures the Rails application and injects the necessary changes to run the rack ap...
53120,15734,211lambdagemGems downloader
54121,38334,211gem_sourceQuick way to switch between gems locally and github in your Gemfile
55124,83634,211rollbar-jetsRollbar exception report support for Jets
57125,40215,110jekyll-sortUpdates the nav_order in front matter of pages that are in the subnav links
58126,96334,211docksyncRsync files from your macosx machine to the docker container
59127,79815,110aws-rotateEasy way to rotate all your AWS keys in your ~/.aws/credentials
60131,1895,825cfn-statusCloudFormation status library
61131,3227,986jetpackerUse webpack to manage app-like JavaScript modules in Jets
62137,62134,211print_ruby_infoSilly command to print out ruby info for debugging ruby env
63140,44534,211honeybadger-jetsHoneybadger exception reporting support for Jets
64141,53734,211airbrake-jetsAirbrake exception report support for Jets
65142,57534,211aws-cleanAWS clean tool
66143,75334,211balancerBalancer tool
68145,48315,110aws_dataAWS info like region and account id
69145,76022,501boltopsBoltOps Tool
70146,73922,501slim-jetsSlim Jets integration.
71147,84634,211bolts-sshA collection of tools commands to debug EC2 and ECS quickly
72148,94034,211aws-rsyncTool rsyncs local files to AWS EC2 instance for a faster development flow
74150,21034,211serverlessThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
75151,13434,211kubesKubes tool
76151,23134,211lambLambda tool
77151,60534,211webpacker-jetsUse webpack to manage app-like JavaScript modules in Jets
78152,19029,305ekseks tool
79152,65334,211lakaLaka tool
82156,70934,211jets-packJets pack
83156,74934,211jet-packJet pack