Umeldt's Gems

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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
128,32448,170merb_has_flashRails' 'flash' session notification system ported to Merb
251,49348,170merb_has_rails_pluginsMerb plugin that provides autoloading of Rails plugins from plugins/ dir
367,67238,943merb_akismetProvides spam checking with Akismet for Merb apps
469,31548,170gophergopher server and dsl
584,37148,170attachmerb_fuMerb plugin that provides a port of attachment_fu to merb
698,24848,170merb_storiesMerb plugin that provides basic support for rSpec text stories
7101,67048,170proc2jsona dug up gem
8103,90848,170poppycockgibberish for merb...and other stuff