Napx's Gems

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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,7453,301resque_mailerRails plugin for sending asynchronous email with ActionMailer and Resque.
24,6479,648datamapperFaster, Better, Simpler.
313,53617,552isbn_validationisbn_validation adds an isbn validation routine to active record models.
416,85534,541braaiFully extensible templating system.
528,25434,541rails_datamapperRails Plugin for DataMapper
640,35234,541bitbankEasy to use Ruby interface to the Bitcoind JSON-RPC API
743,43634,541pindahA tool for writing Android applications in Mirah
851,54334,541refinerycms-applicantsRuby on Rails Applicants engine for Refinery CMS
958,46934,541redis_store_jrSimple Redis Cache Store for Rails
1059,72534,541protoformGenerates a basic skeleton for a Mirah Android application
11115,74034,541truncate_html_sentenceTruncates html so you don't have to
12140,19534,541serpentorAutomates checking of Search Engine Results for a given set of keywords.
13153,24934,541coin_marketFetch current market data for top cryptocurrencies using the CoinMarketCap API