Azuchi's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
19,1685,186bech32The implementation of Bech32 encoder and decoder.
213,94312,824openassets-rubyThe implementation of the Open Assets Protocol for Ruby.
317,970144,505bitcoin2graphdbA tool for import Bitcoin blockchain data into neo4j database.
419,5579,741bitcoinrbThe implementation of Bitcoin Protocol for Ruby.
529,65513,678gluebyA Ruby library of smart contracts that can be used on Tapyrus.
634,32517,540tapyrusThe implementation of Tapyrus Protocol for Ruby.
740,83211,414bip-schnorrThe ruby implementation of bip-schnorr.
864,70610,655ecdsa_extExtension of the ecdsa gem.
978,215144,505aezAEZ binding for ruby.
1090,27160,044electrbelectrs client for Ruby.
1196,11370,766rsa-accumulatorRSA accumulator implementation for Ruby.
12103,73560,044schnorrThe ruby implementation of Schnorr signature.
13108,68747,499hdkeyThe implementation of Bitcoin hierarchical deterministic key for Ruby.
14116,970144,505bitcoin-p2pBitcoin p2p message repl tool.
15119,400144,505c-lightningrbA ruby client library for lightningd
16128,307144,505utreexoThe ruby implementation for Utreexo.
17129,858106,746bls12-381BLS12-381 implementation for Ruby.
18132,12570,766h2cRuby implementation of hash to curve.
19137,17570,766lnd-toolLND Tool - Ruby tools for LND
20144,31347,499sidetreeRuby implementation for Sidetree protocol.
21167,476106,746openassetsThe implementation of the Open Assets Protocol for Ruby.
22171,20560,044mssmtRuby implementation of Merkle Sum Sparse Merkle Tree
23173,30153,660kzgKZG polynomial commitment library for Ruby.
24177,79470,766frostrbRuby implementations of Two-Round Threshold Schnorr Signatures with FROST.
25178,027106,746minisketchThis is a Ruby wrapper for the libminisketch C library.
26179,008144,505codex32Ruby implementation of codex32