Sstephenson's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11971,715hikeA Ruby library for finding files in a set of paths.
2285489turbolinks-sourceTurbolinks JavaScript assets
31,3951,924ejsCompile and evaluate EJS (Embedded JavaScript) templates from Ruby.
41,4291,731yui-compressorA Ruby interface to YUI Compressor for minifying JavaScript and CSS assets.
51,5002,369eco-sourceJavaScript source code for the Eco (Embedded CoffeeScript template language) compiler
61,5022,372ecoRuby Eco is a bridge to the official JavaScript Eco compiler.
72,3392,837mail_viewVisual email testing
82,4182,592global_phoneGlobalPhone parses, validates, and formats local and international phone numbers accord...
92,8432,949dimensionsA pure Ruby library for measuring the dimensions and rotation angles of GIF, PNG, JPEG ...
106,0029,890global_phone_dbgenProvides a global_phone_dbgen command to generate databases for the GlobalPhone library.
1121,286135,553brochureA Rack application for serving static sites with ERB templates.
1228,72924,444hectorA private group chat server for people you trust. Implements a limited subset of the IR...
1369,38563,600windyWindy is a Ruby module that allows you to easily interact with the City of Chicago's Da...
1474,688102,626tclA minimal Ruby interface to libtcl
1577,56273,732goshSecurity theater for piped shell scripts.
1687,347102,626irb-historyPersistent, shared IRB Readline history
17107,97295,265horkRack middleware for compressing JS and CSS assets with YUI Compressor