Frsyuki's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
111982msgpackMessagePack is a binary-based efficient object serialization library. It enables to exc...
2551390fluent-plugin-s3Amazon S3 output plugin for Fluentd event collector
3576956fluentdFluentd is an open source data collector designed to scale and simplify log management....
49111,477unicorn-worker-killerKill unicorn workers by memory and request counts
5981928serverengineA framework to implement robust multiprocess servers like Unicorn
61,0641,358sigdumpSetup signal handler which dumps backtrace of running threads and number of allocated o...
71,4971,652fluent-loggerfluent logger for ruby
82,6603,634td-clientTreasure Data API library for Ruby
93,5493,652presto-clientPresto client library
103,9744,881tdCLI to manage data on Treasure Data, the Hadoop-based cloud data warehousing
113,9864,097td-loggerTreasure Data logging library
124,3593,318embulk-input-mysqlSelects records from a table.
134,5353,640embulk-output-bigqueryEmbulk plugin that insert records to Google BigQuery.
145,1284,938embulkEmbulk's runtime library for Ruby. Embulk users need to install it when running a gem-p...
155,1555,952fluent-plugin-multiprocessMultiprocess agent plugin for Fluentd event collector
165,1915,459fluent-plugin-webhdfsFor WebHDFS and HttpFs of Hadoop HDFS
176,4544,858embulk-output-mysqlInserts or updates records to a table.
186,5885,529fluent-plugin-tdTreasure Data Cloud Data Service plugin for Fluentd
196,657120,743sqsrunGeneric Worker Executor Service for Amazon SQS
207,0724,929embulk-input-s3Reads files stored on Amazon S3
217,1333,816embulk-input-postgresqlSelects records from a table.
227,95815,746perfectqueueHighly available distributed cron built on RDBMS
238,7248,054embulk-input-gcsReads files stored on Google Cloud Storage (Standard, Durable Reduced Availability or N...
248,73421,852fluent-plugin-scribeFluentd input/output plugin to handle Facebook scribed thrift protocol
258,7887,814embulk-output-redshiftInserts or updates records to a table.
268,9699,700embulk-output-postgresqlInserts or updates records to a table.
279,1325,586fluent-plugin-sqlSQL input/output plugin for Fluentd event collector
289,5309,653embulk-input-jdbcSelects records from a table.
299,7258,232embulk-input-redshiftSelects records from a table.
309,80611,625msgpack-rpcMessagePack-RPC, asynchronous RPC library using MessagePack
3110,85214,792embulk-input-oracleSelects records from a table.
3211,95214,312embulk-output-oracleInserts or updates records to a table.
3312,27711,355embulk-input-sqlserverSelects records from a table.
3412,6408,054embulk-output-commandExecutes commands and writes files to STDIN.
3513,17427,105fluent-plugin-metricsenseMetricSense - application metrics aggregation plugin for Fluentd
3614,15056,899perfectschedHighly available distributed cron built on RDBMS
3714,70312,001embulk-output-jdbcInserts or updates records to a table.
3817,30629,148embulk-executor-mapreduceExecutes tasks on Hadoop.
3919,79913,137embulk-output-sqlserverInserts or updates records to a table.
4021,65543,887embulk-input-commandExecutes a command and reads a file from its STDOUT.
4123,50016,464embulk-input-riak_csReads files stored on Riak CS
4229,50321,852embulk-output-db2Inserts or updates records to a table.
4333,678120,743prestogresPresto PostgreSQL protocol gateway
4436,50127,105embulk-input-ftpReads files stored on a FTP server.
4538,81515,746metricsenseMetricSense event collection API for Ruby
4640,98528,431embulk-input-db2Selects records from a table.
4744,369120,743rschedGeneric Reliable Scheduler
4844,71661,555gem-compilegem-compile, create binary gems from gems with extensions
4948,51335,054embulk-parser-msgpackParses files encoded in MessagePack.
5052,668120,743rev-websocketRev-WebSocket is a WebSocket server implementation based on Rev, a high performance eve...
5171,18643,887chukanautomation library for distributed systems
5271,969120,743trd-rails-collectorTreasure Data collector plugin for Rails
5373,91538,913presto_sql_parserPresto SQL Parser for Ruby parses a SQL using Presto's native SQL parser precisely and ...
5578,99885,721msgpack-idlMessagePack IDL Processor
5681,35385,721fluent-plugin-librato-metricsLibrato metrics output plugin for Fluent event collector
5882,16285,721msgpack-idl-javaMessagePack IDL Processor Language Module for Java
59118,44997,183ls4LS4 - large-scale simple storage system
60141,01397,183embulk-output-postgres-jsonEmbulk output for PostgreSQL json and jsonb column
61144,40397,183embulk-encoder-xzCompress files using XZ (also know as LZMA)
62157,21397,183gitnotedSimple document server that works with Github Wiki or Gollum to serve foot notes for ex...
63164,48297,183embulk-input-scriptLoads records from Script.
64168,84485,721trino_sql_parserTrino SQL Parser for Ruby parses a SQL using Trino's native SQL parser precisely and re...