Julik's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,6621,829zip_tricksStream out ZIP files from Ruby
22,8562,967patronRuby HTTP client library based on libcurl
37,5817,452prorateCan be used to implement all kinds of throttles
47,6295,599ru_propisjuCумма прописью
57,63577,462tracksperantoConverts 2D track exports between different apps like Flame, MatchMover, PFTrack...
68,0607,418approximatelyFacilitates float comparisons in mocks
78,0757,364timecodeTimecode value class
89,9256,571format_parserA Ruby library for prying open files you can convert to a previewable format, such as v...
910,8179,861sqewerA full-featured library for all them SQS worker needs
1011,02798,702activerecord_autoreplicaRedirect all SELECT queries to a separate connection within a block
1113,01716,149retriable_proxyAdds an object wrapper on top of Retriable
1214,28712,118wt_s3_signerA Ruby Gem that optimize the signing of S3 keys. The gem is especially useful when deal...
1314,41718,863measurometerMinimum viable API for instrumentation in libraries. Source metrics from your libraries...
1414,70814,530image_viseImage processing via URLs
1515,02515,869very_tiny_state_machineYou wouldn't beleive how tiny it is
1615,86116,487rutilsDEPRECATED processing of russian strings
1717,65228,120ksKeyword-initialized Structs
1818,58736,143hash_toolsDo useful things to Ruby Hashes
1918,861136,605vitrineServes ERB templates with live CoffeeScript and SASS
2019,04521,164junebug-wikiJunebug is a minimalist ruby wiki running on Camping.
2119,07522,729range_utilsThere is a whole range of things you can do with a Range
2219,54922,729edlParser for EDL (Edit Decision List) files
2320,13723,541depixAllows you to read and edit DPX file headers parsed into Ruby objects
2420,13977,462apicultureA toolkit for building REST APIs on top of Rack
2521,03739,356strenvCreates a STRICT_ENV constant that you can query for environment variables and get mean...
2621,09421,841gilensonОбработчик типографских символов в HTML согласно общепринятым правилам. Посвящается П.Г...
2721,48323,541junebugJunebug is a minimalist ruby wiki running on Camping.
2821,92015,281flame_channel_parserReads and interpolates animation channels in IFFS setups
2926,18898,702ticklyParses the subset of the TCL grammar needed for Nuke scripts
3027,13229,683puliFor small concurrent activities in the open air
3130,46054,945rational_choiceFuzzy logic gate
3230,77448,371aws_ip_utilitiesChecks for AWS IP ranges, including adding to Rack trusted proxy list.
3331,30454,945malMinuscule algebraic types for Ruby
3432,71429,683sequencerImage sequence sorting, scanning and manipulation
3533,27739,356authorization_header_parserParses parametrized HTTP Authorization headers
3633,91777,462strict_request_uriReject Rack requests with an invalid URL
3734,10331,463framecurveFramecurve parser, validation and interpolation
3834,367136,605chantierProcess your jobs in parallel with a simple table of processes or threads
3935,64943,231interval_responseAssemble HTTP responses from spliced sequences of payloads
4036,13636,143flame_timewarp_extractorExtract timewarp channels from Flame setup files into a simple list of "to-frame" to "f...
4136,702136,605app_revisionFinds a way to get at your git commit SHA
4236,78054,945exceptional_forkUses pipes to re-raise exceptions. Something better than an exit code has to exist.
4337,01836,143image_procA no-frills image resizer, with pluggable backends. No extra software required on OS X
4438,62698,702sanitize_user_agent_headerDecodes the User-Agent header into UTF-8 in any Rack app
4538,93033,627obufStores marshaled temporary objects on-disk in a simple Enumerable
4641,68118,391pbbuilderGenerate Protobuf Messages with a simple DSL similar to JBuilder
4742,45419,881rails_twirpIntegrate Twirp into Rails
4843,90798,702bycharHelps parsing IO char by char
4944,84698,702megabytesByte size formatter for when ActiveSupport is too much
5049,03943,231peiji-sanPeijiSan is a Rails plugin which uses named scopes to create a thin pagination layer.
5149,57348,371mosquitoA library for writing tests for your Camping app.
5255,22521,164magic_bytesBasic file type checks based on a few header bytes
5358,07314,127reloadable_middlewareWraps any Rack middleware with lazy resolve at call()
5458,30198,702update_hintsAutomatically check if a new version of your gem is available and notify users
5561,69848,371fast_sendSend bursts of large files quickly via Rack
5663,30764,371runawaySpin off blocks in child processes and make sure they terminate on time
5764,88898,702kinesis_firehose_batcherSends records to Firehose, automatically honors the limits
5868,68324,586idempoProvides idempotency keys for Rack applications.
5971,44698,702nanospinnerOutputs a spinning indicator to the terminal, updating it on every revolution
6072,65964,371discreet_proxyParses and creates Flame/Smoke .p proxy icon files
6172,78154,945microgetPedal-to-the-metal HTTP client for GET requests
6273,032136,605wiretapWireTap driver
6375,51564,371lighttpd_pathinfo_fixThis middleware fixes the lighttpd PATH_INFO for apps mounted at / in a way that is com...
6477,150136,605captivityA simple logging wrapper for Rack
6578,64898,702cli_testAssists in testing commandline applications (run an application qucikly, read out stder...
6679,00554,945prefixed_cache_storeAllows you to expire parts of your cache separately
6779,8244,720zip_kitStream out ZIP files from Ruby. Successor to zip_tricks.
6881,03954,945fourtrackStore massive amounts of ordered log records into a single .gz file and replay them one...
6989,52577,462progressive_ioA wrapper for IO objects that allows a callback to be set which is called when an objec...
7089,73877,462pasaporteAn OpenID server with a colored bar on top
7192,522136,605univalA minimal endpoint for driving server-side validations from a remote UI
7297,80077,462rww_authAllows password checks against a Remote Web Workplace server (a.k.a. Outlook Webmail)
7398,551136,605blogrpcEasily construct MT and MetaWeblog XML-RPC backends
7498,587136,605appsignal_extensionsDoing some more with Appsignal
7599,17898,702simple_compressTiny methods for gzip-compressing and expanding a string
76107,77277,462magick_pipeSerialize RMagick processing steps and run them in a forked subprocess, later
77110,65577,462long_bodyDirect-to-socket streaming of Rack response bodies
78122,13198,702extremist_cacheObject-keyed caches for anything
79125,15177,462linebylineCan be used for comparing long outputs to references
80127,07498,702make_like_a_treeImplement orderable trees in ActiveRecord using the nested set model, with multiple roo...
81128,48298,702omnivorous_etagETags are good, however normally they are generated based on strings. However, very oft...
82153,54298,702rack_deflater_bypassUseful for serving tarballs via Rack
83155,21898,702string_derived_randomSeed a Ruby `Random` object with a seed value that is derived from a given string
84156,20098,702pg_loggerConvert PostgreSQL notices to Ruby logger messages, in one proc
85158,67798,702enough_with_the_double_render_alreadybails out of the controller action on any render, head or redirect_to
86158,73398,702range_header_parserParses Range HTTP headers for specific fetches
87162,08298,702magvarMagnetic variation calculation ported from FlightGear
88168,49754,945ods_extractorEspecially useful if your document is very, very large.
89169,53236,143pecorinoPecorino allows you to define throttles and rate meters for your metered resources, all...