Rydahl's Gems

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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
13,8231,263geoip-cGeneric GeoIP lookup tool. Based on the geoip_city RubyGem by Ryan Dahl
25,88946,289geoip_cityA Binding to the GeoIP C library
319,07346,289ebbA Web Server
427,62714,439merb_has_flashRails' 'flash' session notification system ported to Merb
550,52522,411merb_has_rails_pluginsMerb plugin that provides autoloading of Rails plugins from plugins/ dir
666,19729,889merb_akismetProvides spam checking with Akismet for Merb apps
766,49529,889method_argsProvides Method#args for inspecting arguments
881,75646,289attachmerb_fuMerb plugin that provides a port of attachment_fu to merb
985,16346,289extractorA binding for libextractor; allows you to read metadata from a number of file types.
1095,45446,289merb_storiesMerb plugin that provides basic support for rSpec text stories
1198,16846,289SqueezeBoxA Web Framework Without Fur or Limestone