Fazibear's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1252333colorizeExtends String class or add a ColorizedString with methods to set text color, backgroun...
217,50011,811inesitaFrontent web framework for Opal
326,32058,638opal-virtual-domvirtual-dom wrapper for opal
454,63158,638opal-phoenixPhoenix client wrapper for opal
587,20958,638inesita-routerRouter component for Inesita
689,41858,638opal-sidHermit jsSID wrapper for opal
799,63858,638oxmlrpcSimple, lightweight and fast XML-RPC client library for ruby based on OX XML parser.
8109,23958,638frubbyRuby String class extension. Adds methods to set text color, background color and, text...
9114,88958,638inesita-livereloadLivereload module for Inesita
10116,87558,638grubyGadu-Gadu protocol implementation in Ruby language
11122,51058,638gadgetsWrite a gem description
12126,64958,638opal-web-midiWeb MIDI wrapper for opal
13155,97858,638opal-airbrakeairbrake-js wrapper for opal
14165,19158,638persecutorThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.