Matthewrudy's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1117124memoistmemoize methods invocation
221,84123,415rcov_railsOne Rake task to give you rcov code coverage for your rails app. rake test:coverage
322,77519,792geocoder-ollehProvides object geocoding
430,66344,960serve-thisServe files from the current directory
530,77449,580whitelist_mail_proxyA thin proxy for Mail and ActionMailer to enable whitelisting
632,29541,018solr_queryBuild SOLR queries, properly escaped, with a nice API
732,52815,999memoist2Really simple memoization for ruby 2.0
847,09749,580i18n_scopeMagic scoping for I18n
951,94649,580groupyCategorise Active Records in nested groups with magical scopes, ? methods, and constants.
1055,55449,580headless-railsSeamlessly integrate into your Rails application
1161,083132,627super_stateSuper Simple State Machine
1261,604132,627stubble(experimental) simple stubbing
1366,46055,948cmonWrite a simple monitoring script to be executed by cron, using an rspec-like assertion ...
1466,970132,627zero_downtimeA simple library for running zero-downtime with Rails and ActiveRecord.
1570,22564,966laowaihuaa Lorem Ipsum generator for Chinese
1680,25764,966pinnyPinyin conversion tool
1781,190132,627active_replicaAdd shards, and switch between them for key tasks
1882,952132,627cashishCurrency Handling done simple
1985,24055,948percentiseSimple, consistent Percentises
2085,677132,627time_freezeThe simplest possible way to freeze time
2189,800132,627tempbucketa library built around fog, which stores tempfile-like objects in S3
2295,64464,966repo_parserRepoParser is a code example
2398,32277,290mr_freezeObject#freeze! freezes the contents of arrays and hashes
24119,48477,290reposeSynchronise your repositories
25128,43396,398regexpertRegular expressions bundled into a single place, so you dont have to think anymore abou...
26132,49177,290matthewrudy-primetableA command line tool which takes an input N, and prints the first N prime numbers in a m...