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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
19501,153github-markupThis gem is used by GitHub to render any fancy markup such as Markdown, Textile, Org-Mo...
21,4421,104randexpLibrary for generating random strings from regular expressions.
32,7509,665toadhopperA base library for Airbrake error reporting
44,1106,887albinoRuby wrapper for pygmentize.
56,4167,175warden-githubA warden strategy for easy oauth integration with github
67,04710,493sinatra_auth_githubA sinatra extension for easy oauth integration with github
711,83623,723cinderellaThe development environment you never wanted to manage alone
812,64523,723escobarHeroku pipelines and GitHub Deployments
917,81423,723rack_hoptoadA gem that provides hoptoad notifications from rack
1018,44623,723warden-googleappsA warden strategy to use Google"s Federated OpenID with Google Apps
1119,65123,723ciderThe development environment you never wanted to manage alone
1221,24523,723github_employee_authmake it even easier to build internal apps
1322,63423,723singemA gem that provides generators for sinatra apps, ready to go with rack-test and others
1422,67123,723jankyJanky is a Continuous Integration server
1528,11919,374faraday-restrict-ip-addressesRestrict the IP addresses Faraday will connect to
1628,44223,723dm-salesforceA DataMapper adapter to the Salesforce API
1728,99323,723hancockA gem that provides a Single Sign On server
1829,48023,723hancock-clientHancock SSO rack middleware written in sinatra
1931,61323,723sappyA wrapper for the SiteUptime API
2033,47323,723merb_hoptoad_notifierMerb plugin that provides hoptoad exception notification
2136,90423,723sinatra_auth_gmailA sinatra extension that provides authentication for GMail authentication
2238,86723,723campfiyahA simple faraday based Campfire API
2345,73323,723http-pulseA gem that provides interaction with the http-pulse service
2450,84123,723hubbleA simple ruby client for posting exceptions to Haystack
2550,97223,723terminal_velocityA gem for opening ssh connections
2661,21423,723scroauthAuthenticated scros
2762,99123,723heavenGitHub Style Deployment App
2889,92723,723rack-redirectA gem that provides a simple example of rewrites in rack
2990,58623,723antagonistBraindead GitHub Development
30117,49023,723github-payloadSummarize GitHub Service Payloads easily
31117,54523,723hadesGitHub style deployments
32119,58923,723heavenlyGitHub style deployments
33120,27523,723zionGitHub style deployments
34120,46323,723himmelGitHub style deployments
35121,35423,723nietzscheGitHub style deployments
36122,55623,723lockrunDisallow processes from trying to run on top of each other when they share resources
37122,72923,723sartreHell is other people's deployment systems.