Cyu's Gems

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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1213194rack-corsMiddleware that will make Rack-based apps CORS compatible. Fork the project here: https...
247,82211,821apitureCreate clients for REST APIs from their Swagger specification
347,92348,417rack-json-pretty-printRack middleware that will pretty print JSON response when pretty=1 is passed as a web p...
456,47248,417diesel-api-dslCreate API Clients From an DSL
575,38348,417omniauth-swaggerUses a spec's security definition information to build the oauth2 strategy
6111,11548,417rails-open-in-appRails plugin that add supports to redirect specific URLs to their mobile app equivalents.
7157,60448,417states-dslCreate AWS Step Function JSON from a DSL