Technoweenie's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
12510faradayHTTP/REST API client library.
2146124sawyerSecret User Agent of HTTP
31,1021,733hurleyHurley provides a common interface for working with different HTTP adapters.
42,1231,821acts_as_paranoidCheck the home page for more in-depth information.
52,2171,827email_reply_parserEmailReplyParser is a small library to parse plain text email content. This is what Git...
62,4194,437gritGrit is a Ruby library for extracting information from a git repository in an object or...
74,3747,477albinoRuby wrapper for pygmentize.
84,4453,863multipassBare bones implementation of encoding and decoding MultiPass values for SSO.
94,96312,056rack-statsdTools for monitoring Rack apps in production.
1012,55553,197acts_as_versionedAdd simple versioning to ActiveRecord models.
1112,75053,197astrotrainemail => http post
1213,58549,302guillotineAdaptable private URL shortener
1313,90353,197leveldb-rubyLevelDB-Ruby is a Ruby binding to LevelDB.
1417,7346,811sentrySentry provides painless encryption services with a wrapper around some OpenSSL classes
1521,13853,197running_manSimple class for test/unit setup blocks that run just once.
1624,61749,302activesupport_notifications_backportActiveSupport::Notifications backported for Rails 2.3
1729,55953,197tainted_hashHash wrapper.
1833,78753,197aliceHTTP/REST API client library using Rack-like middleware
1934,44853,197horcruxSimple key/value adapter library.
2043,62953,197model_iteratorIterate through large ActiveRecord datasets
2144,25553,197serializable_attributesA bridge between using AR and a full blown schema-free db.
2246,11553,197madroxDistributed Twitter implementation on Git.
2356,73653,197appcast== FEATURES/PROBLEMS: * FIX (list of features or problems) == SYNOPSIS: Use mongrel_...
2459,88553,197active_setTracks the number of active objects during a certain time period in a Redis sorted set.
2560,55553,197twitter_serverTwitter API implementation on top of Sinatra
2667,17653,197unique_content_setLong description. Maybe copied from the README.
2768,65422,191queue_kitJob Queue hobby kit
2875,63753,197sparkplugRack module that dynamically generates sparkline graphs from a set of numbers.
2976,13929,337rack-sparklinesRack module that dynamically generates sparkline graphs from a set of numbers.
3083,36653,197urban_apiQuick Ruby library for scraping Urban Dictionary
3196,75953,197jackThe author was too lazy to write a description
32103,02036,284mongrel_send_fileThe mongrel_send_file GemPlugin
33114,83436,284rack_monitorTools for monitoring Rack apps in production.
34136,29553,197hurley-exconExcon connection for Hurley.