Stevehodgkiss's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
13,7372,934generator_specTest Rails generators with RSpec
27,2617,474stack_masterStackMaster is a sure-footed way of creating, updating and keeping track of Amazon (AWS...
38,3095,179ejson_wrapperInvoke EJSON from Ruby
424,96111,251exiv2A simple wrapper around the C++ Exiv2 libary for reading image metadata
531,58530,357conventional_modelsGenerate ActiveRecord models automatically with basic relationships based on conventions.
633,97130,357guard-sprockets2Guard for compiling sprockets assets
754,00815,263modellingWe were doing PORO dev on Rails before it was hip.
855,37830,357interactionProvides a convention for modelling user interactions as use case classes.
967,64130,357validation-scopesScope ActiveModel validations
1080,46330,357lumberjack-dslLumberjack is best summed up as a generic DSL for constructing object trees. It works ...
11108,10530,357rails_session_key_rotatorGraceful session key rotation for the signed cookie store in Rails 3.
12118,36230,357foreman_upstart_bootExport foreman upstart scripts so that the app starts at boot