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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,062418murmurhash3implementation of murmur3 hashing function
29,3546,728ar_pg_arrayar_pg_array includes support of PostgreSQL's int[], float[], text[], timestamptz[] etc....
315,45110,694ar-simple-idmapAdd simple finegrained handcontrolled identity map for ActiveRecord
416,00955,914tarantoolTarantool KV-storage client.
522,73455,914iprotoMail.Ru simple network protocol
625,03128,132bin_utilsutils for extracting binary integers from binary string and packing them back
725,15962,065em-zmq-tp10Implementation of ZMQ2.x transport protocol - ZMTP1.0
832,27732,033tarantool16adapter for Tarantool 1.6
934,75062,065sumburSumbur - consistent spreading for server balancing
1038,27962,065split_pgdumpsplit_pgdump aimed to produce set of small sorted files from one big dump file.
1138,591101,459funfigDefines configuration schema with calculable defaults
1246,91962,065tarantool-recordTarantool KV-storage ActiveModel-aware Record.
1352,24362,065thin-fun_embedtrim of Thin web server for embedding into eventmachined application
1454,07445,450rails_db_browserSimple sinatra Rack application that allowes to run sql queries from a web page. Usable...
1558,73162,065sparse_arraySparse Array - map from integers (0..2**32-1) to objects
1658,77262,065inmemory_kvSimple in memory string/string hash which does not participate in GC and not encounted in
1781,690101,459ru_excelPort of pyExcelerator tunned for faster .xls generation
18107,27445,450postgres-pr-optA pure Ruby interface to the PostgreSQL (>= 7.4) database.
19114,75045,450rack_http_script_nameIn case of nginx proxy, I wish to set SCRIPT_NAME to some value, but it sets HTTP_SCRIP...