Dbalatero's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1233195typhoeusLike a modern code version of the mythical beast with 100 serpent heads, Typhoeus runs ...
22,5182,330levenshtein-ffiProvides a fast, cross-Ruby implementation of the levenshtein distance algorithm.
34,3735,074capybara-chromedriver-loggerAdds realtime console.log output to Capybara + Selenium + Chromedriver
44,8728,084linguaProvides sentence splitting, syllable, and text-quality algorithms.
515,57469,541monster_mashProvides a fun HTTP interface on top of Typhoeus!
620,91769,541alchemy_apiProvides a client API library for AlchemyAPI's awesome NLP services. Allows you to make...
730,53769,541deadlinezMakes it easy to handle After the Deadline AJAX proxying and their API.
839,89569,541typhoeus_spec_cacheA plugin to help you dynamically manage HTTP caching for your specs.
941,14669,541mailchimp_sesAllows you to call MailChimp Amazon SES integration methods.
1047,53769,541signed_requestA simple gem that allows you to sign HTTP requests between two parties with a shared se...
1147,72269,541piston_apiProvides a Ruby interface to the MediaPiston API.
1278,05765,177aidA library to make repo scripts easy and discoverable.
1388,32569,541mixpanel_typhoeusThis wraps the Mixpanel API with a serial/parallel Typhoeus interface.
14107,54669,541musician_analyticsI wrote this quick library for aggregating analytics for my band, Operation ID. I wante...
15145,28169,541deploy_changesLets you check if files/directories have changed in Git between last run