Ciconia's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
111,87580,006polyphonyFine grained concurrency for Ruby
215,489103,205lypLyp is a tool for installing lilypond and managing lilypond packages
319,33880,006lyp-winLyp is a tool for installing lilypond and managing lilypond packages
421,991103,205serversideFast Ruby HTTP Server.
523,25580,006modulationModulation provides an alternative way of organizing your Ruby code. Modulation lets yo...
625,22830,407assistancelight-weight application support
726,71414,851extraliteExtra-lightweight SQLite3 wrapper for Ruby
827,11980,006qeweneyQeweney - cross library HTTP request / response API
930,33116,474lydownLydown is a language and tool for music notation
1033,13222,472tipiTipi - the All-in-one Web Server for Ruby Apps
1139,763103,205papercraftPapercraft: component-based HTML templating for Ruby
1245,85718,420toughguySimple MongoDB ORM
1361,95350,424bulkmailRuby bulk-mailer.
1462,215103,205impressionImpression - a modern web framework for Ruby
1567,792103,205rubyoshkaRubyoshka: composable HTML templating for Ruby
1674,35450,424h1pH1P is a blocking HTTP/1 parser for Ruby
1774,989103,205ledScript-based ORM for Redis
1879,56723,030extralite-bundleExtra-lightweight SQLite3 wrapper for Ruby with bundled SQLite3
1985,92543,761affectAffect: Algebraic Effects for Ruby
2094,053103,205polyphony-httpPolyphony-http: Polyphonic HTTP for Ruby
21100,17250,424libev_schedulerLibev-based fiber scheduler for Ruby 3.0
22121,29980,006everCallback-less event reactor for Ruby
23123,775103,205rbabelAutomatic language translation
24129,89570,382h2pH2P: HTML in, PDF out
25132,49080,006enoEno: Eno is Not an ORM
26138,185103,205rephraseRephrase: a gem for manipulating Ruby code
27158,468103,205egEG: Prototype-based objects for Ruby
28162,735103,205inuitInuit - an HTTP client for Ruby
29167,110103,205htioHtio - a modern HTTP client for Ruby
30173,448103,205qnaQNA - cross library HTTP request / response API
31177,128103,205siropSirop: Ruby code rewriter