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11,3943,280aesAn AES encrypt/decrypt gem built ontop of OpenSSL. Not as quick as FastAES, but it doe...
28,53519,498sugarcrmA less clunky way to interact with SugarCRM via REST.
322,63166,707devise_aes_encryptableAdds Devise::Encryptors::Aes256.digest and Devise::Encryptors::Aes256.decrypt
450,84866,707seedySeed databases with a Quickness(tm).
564,12428,525cdr-fetcherA gem for fetching CDR data from a remote system via SSH/SFTP. Supports fetching all f...
674,17566,707pbxtraA client library for communicating with Fonality's PBXtra Control Panel
786,09566,707poseurCreate fake people, with real-ish addresses.
893,66366,707switchvoxRuby Gem for interacting with Digium's Switchvox PBX via JSON. There wasn't a gem out ...
9105,05966,707working-timeNeed to figure out how many working hours are in a date range? Need to calculate aroun...
10105,56566,707rackspace-appsREST Bindings for Rackspace Email and Apps API