Tubbo's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1326571redis-storeNamespaced Rack::Session, Rack::Cache, I18n and cache Redis stores for Ruby web framewo...
2342768redis-rackRedis Store for Rack applications
3351776redis-actionpackRedis session store for ActionPack. Used for storing the Rails session in Redis.
4416997redis-activesupportRedis store for ActiveSupport
54811,158redis-railsRedis for Ruby on Rails
62,6934,287redis-rack-cacheA Redis backend store for Rack::Cache
712,12716,993redis-i18nRedis backed store for i18n
814,65777,281redis-sinatraRedis store for Sinatra
928,13719,370activestorage-audioAudio analyzer for uploaded files using ffprobe
1030,48515,221zsh_dotsDOTS is an advanced ZSH framework.
1131,95577,281redis-store-testingredis-store testing
1236,04777,281pvA command-line interface to Pivotal Tracker.
1339,18018,004controller_resourcesA controller DSL for Rails that allows you to easily and quickly define both singular a...
1443,69324,966blue_velvetBlueVelvet connects to a Facebook page and returns content from it in partials that can...
1546,00977,281git-punchA command-line toolchain for working with NotePunch. Sets up your Git configuration...
1649,77477,281sumatra-railsSumatra is a CoffeeScript framework for writing beautiful jQuery plugins.
1758,26431,611travis-releaseRelease RubyGems via Travis-CI with a Rake task
1862,54827,908active_model-jobsThis gem has been renamed active_model_jobs.
1971,47943,759activejob-schedulerA scheduling apparatus for ActiveJob based on Rufus. Resque::Scheduler for everyone!
2073,92231,611zen_gardenZenGarden is a continuous deployment workflow for Rails apps. After testing your app on...
2175,33677,281iceburnHTTP request hijacker for ActionController and API-driven Rails apps
2296,87777,281haltStandard error handling for Rails applications. Inspired by a little method in Sinatra.
2397,67143,759active_copyUse the Rails model layer as a backend for static files
24101,72177,281makeoverView model library for Rails applications. Extracted from brother.ly.
25103,63436,756titleist. Improve your swing.
26104,74177,281runtestA singleton test runner for Minitest
27104,78943,759walkonPlay your entrance music
28106,69477,281rakeflowA continuous deployment workflow with Rake, Heroku and Travis
29112,47277,281massSynth framework for Ruby. Build a cool synth!
30112,78177,281hibachiA Rails model layer for your Chef configuration. Control your Chef configs with Rails.
31116,79243,759active_model_jobsEnqueue background jobs from model classes
32138,58777,281notepunch-git-media"This is a summary! Stop yer whining"
33140,41554,791brew-flightFlight is a Bundler for Homebrew. It helps you manage the Homebrew packages you want on...
34145,22554,791opsworks-ssh-configGenerate an SSH config for your OpsWorks account
35158,39977,281email_octopusAPI client for Email Octopus