Blowmage's Gems

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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,6761,390minitest-railsAdds Minitest as the default testing library in Rails
22,1281,657minitest-rgColored red/green output for Minitest
32,3341,797autotest-suffixAutotest plugin to enable rails-style test filenames.
42,8881,740minitest-capybaraCapybara matchers support for minitest unit and spec
52,9491,729minitest-rails-capybaraAdds Capybara feature tests in Minitest and Rails.
65,0188,117minitest-testMinitest 5 test API in MiniTest 4
718,28115,569minitest-givenGiven is a Minitest::Spec extension that allows the use of Given/When/Then terminology ...
846,36929,218rubyhopSuper awesome Ruby-themed game
957,35729,218littlebratBecause kids like to smash buttons
1058,86229,218minitest-shouldifyAdding all manner of shoulds to Minitest
11106,46829,218escape_to_rubyconfGame built for Writing Games with Ruby presentation at RubyConf 2010.
12145,44729,218minibotThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
13146,49729,218securerandom-int64Generate secure 64-bit integers using the same approach used by UUIDs.