Joshfrench's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
13,9835,757rakismetRakismet is the easiest way to integrate Akismet or TypePad's AntiSpam into your Rails ...
226,05816,301keycutterMultiple accounts? Manage your keys with ease.
330,99276,952silverpopA Ruby wrapper for the SilverPop API
433,32650,431integritrayCCMenu support for Integrity
553,033120,743radiant-sphinx_search-extensionAdds fulltext search capability to Radiant content via Thinking Sphinx.
681,943120,743radiant-page_factory-extensionPage Factory is a small DSL for intelligently defining content types in Radiant CMS.
7112,800120,743radiant-autotestAutotest runner for Radiant extensions