Shugo's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1548687ruby-profruby-prof is a fast code profiler for Ruby. It is a C extension and therefore is many t...
262990net-imapRuby client api for Internet Message Access Protocol
32,258588net-ftpSupport for the File Transfer Protocol.
44,2754,721cursesA Ruby binding for curses, ncurses, and PDCurses. curses is an extension library for te...
523,02946,889textbringerTextbringer is a member of a demon race that takes on the form of an Emacs-like text ed...
647,92146,889immutableImmutable data structures for Ruby
763,19334,319mournmailA message user agent for Textbringer.
888,52334,319textbringer-presentationPresentation mode for Textbringer.
9107,75828,487textbringer-ghost_textGhostText plugin for Textbringer.
10108,37546,889radd_djurPackrat parser combinator library for Ruby
11128,62789,890number_tunesA tool to add track numbers to tune titles
12133,37546,889rationalizeRefinement version of mathn
13143,96428,487rabbit-slide-shugo-MatsueRubyKaigi09* [スライド原稿]( * [スライドPDF](pdf/MatsueRubyKaigi09-implement-thr...
14151,51046,889textbringer-startrekStar Trek animation for Textbringer.
15152,21428,487textbringer-http_clientHTTP client plugin for Textbringer.
16162,52646,889medicine_shieldA Mastodon client for Textbringer.
17168,18034,319rabbit-slide-shugo-RubyKaigi2018Now FLOSS is so common that even Microsoft use it and develop it. But do you have contr...