Mbjs's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1205247ice_nineDeep Freeze Ruby Objects
2212322equalizerModule to define equality, equivalence and inspection methods
3292419descendants_trackerModule that adds descendant tracking to a class
4342552axiom-typesDefine types with optional constraints for use within axiom and other libraries.
57491,925inflectoInflector for strings
6798428unparserGenerate equivalent source for parser gem AST nodes
79211,058adamantiumImmutable extensions to objects
89241,071abstract_typeModule to declare abstract classes and methods
99391,072proctoTurns your object into a method object
109451,074concordHelper for object composition
113,2434,227animaInitialize object attributes via attributes hash
123,9555,598mutantMutation Testing for Ruby.
134,4276,152mutant-rspecRspec integration for mutant
144,5796,263yardstickMeasure YARD documentation coverage
154,7894,699mpreludeMinimal prelude alike classes
164,92914,354morpherDomain Transformation Algebra
1711,48827,155axiomSimplifies querying of structured data using relational algebra
1813,90948,393devtoolsA metagem wrapping development tools
1914,08910,199mutant-minitestMinitest integration for mutant
2015,27474,524to_sourceTransform Rubinius 1.9 AST back to equivalent source code
2115,41048,393variableMutable and immutable concurrency variable
2220,12192,897vanguardLibrary for validating Ruby objects with rich metadata support.
2322,49565,618substationImplement application boundary interfaces with dedicated classes
2429,50035,718aequitasLibrary for validating Ruby objects with rich metadata support.
2530,4459,880requestHTTP request porofication
2630,69018,527auomAlgebra (with) Units Of Measurement
2734,39992,897mbj-assetsPlayground for a small assets system
2837,06323,735lupoAdds an #each method to your objects
2938,22748,393mutant-melbourneAn extraction of the Melrbourne Ruby 1.8 and 1.9 parser and AST from Rubinius
3040,76992,897veritasSimplifies querying of structured data using relational algebra
3146,35522,313axiom-memory-adapterUse Axiom relations with an in-memory datastore
3248,95792,897veritas-sql-generatorGenerate SQL from a veritas relation
3353,74392,897veritas-optimizerOptimizes veritas relations
3456,70929,217axiom-optimizerOptimizes axiom relations
3559,95992,897mbj-inflectorInflector for strings
3662,12848,393htmlBecause HTML is not a String
3765,02129,217aqlThe ArangoDB AQL AST. Intended for query generation.
3865,24192,897dump-parserProvides an easy way to manage a huge amount of domain specific string2value conversion...
3966,53392,897veritas-do-adapterUse Veritas relations with an RDBMS
4066,62648,393responseBuild rack responses with functional style
4177,19492,897guard-mutantGuard::Mutant automatically mutates Ruby when files are modified.
4278,15992,897esearchEsearch driver for ruby
4384,91235,718axiom-arango-adapterThe ArangoDB axiom adapter
4485,37692,897ducktrapInvertible data filter/mutator on data structures
4595,13592,897develryA metagem for ROM-style development
46101,64948,393cdbReading and creating CDB Constant Databases
47117,38765,618mutant-licenseLicense gem for mutant
49150,52692,897exorcistDynlang exorcism