Evan's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11994rubygems-updateA package (also known as a library) contains a set of functionality that can be invok...
29578pumaPuma is a simple, fast, threaded, and highly concurrent HTTP 1.1 server for Ruby/Rack a...
3713917vaultVault is a Ruby API client for interacting with a Vault server.
4784536benchmark-ipsAn iterations per second enhancement to Benchmark.
52,5017,959newrelic-redisRedis instrumentation for Newrelic.
63,45212,905rubinius-core-apiCross-impl versions of interesting Rubinius core classes
73,46012,905rubinius-actorRubinius's Actor implementation
87,0494,168kpegKPeg is a simple PEG library for Ruby. It provides an API as well as native grammar to ...
97,6557,601puma-herokuA Puma plugin that contains the default Heroku config
107,9496,570vault-railsOfficial Vault plugin for Rails
1112,12133,825benchmark_suiteA set of enhancements to the standard library benchmark.rb
1213,43219,451sourcesThis package provides download sources for remote gem installation
1323,29653,197gitjourAutomates ZeroConf-powered serving and cloning of git repositories.
1426,43753,197ruby-llvmRuby-LLVM is a Ruby language binding to the LLVM compiler infrastructure library.
1526,57453,197rg-phx-testThis is a test gem only.
1626,66853,197starkOptimized thrift bindings for ruby.
1728,31253,197holaA simple hello world gem
1829,23653,197gxGx is 3 git related tools: gx-update, gx-publish, and gx-pull-check gx-update is a rep...
1931,15210,833email_address_validatorRFC Compliant Email Address Parsing using the KPEG grammars.
2048,66045,825gemJust enough not-Rubygems to index a collection of gems for download... and maybe more.
2154,63553,197hoe-ignoreFIX (describe your package)
2255,85622,191orthrus-sshA user authentication system built on SSH's key
2366,60953,197stark-rackProvides middleware for mounting Stark/Thrift services as Rack endpoints.
2470,29253,197currentshUse this gem to send logs to current.sh
2576,92253,197sydparseA standalone ruby parser with sexp support.
2677,25153,197silhouetteA 2 stage profiler
2777,44353,197lostFind where you are with CoreLocation!
2897,10153,197rubyconfTools for when you're at rubyconf!
2997,39853,197empA number of extensions that Evan Phoenix uses.
30113,32653,197rubinius-reportA launcher to simplify reporting crashes and profiling.
31124,04953,197stark-httpHTTP Transport for Thrift services. ![stark](http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41F...
32128,07253,197vagrant-provisioner-tachyonA vagrant provisioner for tachyon
33134,08853,197vektraAccess the Vektra services via Ruby